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{{{mailist |We're using the kde-hardware-devel mailist [https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-hardware-devel kde-hardware-devel]}}}
{{{mailist |We're using the kde-hardware-devel mailist [https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-hardware-devel kde-hardware-devel]}}}
BlueDevil is composed by a set of components, some of them are debugged in a completely different way.
The kio's are the hardest part of bluedevil to debug:
*Execute kdebugdialog --fullmode
*Select kio_bluetooth or kio_obexftp
*In all 4 sections choose the "File" option, and introduce an output path (for example /home/youruser/kio_obexftp.txt
In case that the bug is reproducible in Konqueror and Dolphin, use the first is prefered.
Try to reproduce the bug only using the affected module. For example in case that the affected module were filetransfer, you should execute:
kcmshell4 bluedevilfiletransfer
To get a complete list you can execute:
kcmshell4 --list | grep bluedevil
Execute kdebugdialog, search "bluedevil" and activate everything. Then execute bluedevil-wizard in the terminal and provide the output.
Try to reproduce the bug step by step, restarting all bluedevil (in the KCM)
And finally, we're using http://bugs.kde.org, search twice before post a new bug. If a developer ask for feedback, and it is not provided within the following 30 days, the bug may be closed.

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We're using the kde-hardware-devel mailist kde-hardware-devel

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