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  1. Application version: to know if our users are up to date
  2. Compiler information: to know if issues in non-mainstream compilers are relevant
  3. Platform information: wayland or X11?
  4. Qt version: how different versions of Qt and Plasma interrelate
  5. Usage time: are users passing by or they use it as their main system?
  6. OpenGL version and vendor information: learn about our users' hardware, can we trust users to have proper 3D acceleration? Which drivers should be testing? Do people prefer open drivers?
  7. Locale information: Are people from different locales struggling at using plasma? Are we not getting bug reports because they just don't consider adopting it?
  8. Screen parameters: how important is multiscreen for plasma?
  9. Panel Count (Plasma Shell): are people playing with their panels adding new ones?
  10. Application Source Name (Plasma Discover): where do users prefer to get their software from?

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