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When I upload my ssh key, it tells me that the key is invalid. I'm sure my public key is fine! This is probably caused by your public key not having a comment. Open your public key file and look if it ends with a small comment. If not, add one. It should like something like:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA...q89tLQDeeLAiiQt80P2tiNIOw== Comment


These is a small todo list, mostly internal for the sysadmin crew, but so you all know what still needs to be done:

The eV-membership tab is not actived, even if you are an eV-member. It is still being developed.

The form doesn't accept email addresses with delimiters (eg [email protected])

People can still fill in a new application despite having a pending one. Or even when being a developer.

Send out an automatic confirmation to a user when his account is upgraded to developer.

Show the groups you are in somewhere

The edit certificates // public ssh keys buttons look unintuitive since you have to click on the edit button first

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