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How to Proceed

Is there a procedure one project must follow to be added to git.kde.org?

File a sysadmin bugreport, with the following details:

  • 1) location of current repository (e.g. path in KDE SVN or Gitorious url)
  • 2) the date when you want to move
  • 3) admin of the repository
  • 4) destination email address for the reviews on reviewboard.kde.org
  • 5) admin of the projects.kde.org entry

Applications in Playground will not be configured to use Redmine (projects.kde.org), ReviewBoard (reviewboard.kde.org), lxr (lxr.kde.org) or scripty (translations).

Hence, if you are going to create an application in Playground, you only have to state the information for 1) to 3).

-> Sysadmin bugreport form

Repository Layout

What will the layout of the Git repository look like?

The following is the proposed repo layout for git.kde.org

 /           - top level, for SC, extragear and playground applications:
               Repos here are covered by Redmine, ReviewBoard and such.
 /sysadmin   - top secret sysadmin stuff: Repos are not readable by the
 /websites   - *.kde.org sites: Usual setup for websites.
 /clones     - personal clones of repositories
 /scratch    - personal repos: Repo names here are allowed to collide
               with top-level names. The scratch repositories will not
               show up in Redmine or ReviewBoard, and will not send
               mails to kde-commits or commits to CIA.


 /           - Single level: /app.git
 /sysadmin   - Single level: /sysadmin/app.git
 /websites   - Single level: /websites/www.git
 /clones     - Path: /clones/<path to orig repo>/<username>/<clone name>.git
 /scratch    - Path: /scratch/<username>/<reponame>.git



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