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This page aims to give an overview over the infrastructure that KDE relies on. It tries to give an overview in a feature matrix such that we, the community, can make an informed decision about the merits of each contestant.

Feature Phabricator Gerrit
Git Repository Hosting Yes Yes
Git Repository Browsing Diffusion Integration with external viewer (see our instance)
Git Commit Browsing Diffusion Integration with external viewer (see our instance)
Pre Commit Review Differential Yes
Bypass Reviews Yes Yes
Anongit needs custom implementation Built-in replication
Scratch Repository WIP A simple script for forwarding one API call
Patch Web Upload Yes https://tools.wmflabs.org/gerrit-patch-uploader/
CI Integration http://www.guywarner.com/2014/06/part-2-integrating-phabricator-and.html or http://www.dctrwatson.com/2013/01/jenkins-and-phabricator/ Native, see KDE gerrit demo
Closing Bugs on Bugzilla existing git hooks Native support via its-bugzilla gerrit plugin
Post Commit Review Audit Commenting on closed reviews
Clustering for scalability No (?) Yes

Please extend the list, and correct anything thats wrong. Please add links wherever appropriate.

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