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Konqi keeps things running!

The KDE sysadmins consist of a group of contributors which maintain the KDE infrastructure.

To organise the work, they use a ticketing system. You can submit a ticket at

At that page you can request:

  • e-mail addresses
  • mailinglists
  • bugzilla assistance
  • reviewboard extensions
  • additional karma for svn

Also, please report not working parts of the infrastructure. Don't just assume someone else has done it!

FAQ Regarding

FAQ Regarding

Sysadmin/BNC BNC Setup

Sysadmin/EBN EBN Howto


SVN is essentially dead for everything except:

- Translations - Some websites - Primarily binary code (like wallpapers and icons).

Timeline for svn shutdown

If you want to request a subversion account, you need a different form, it can be reached via Infrastructure/Get a Developer Account

Info about writing svn to git conversion rules on KDE servers

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