Sprints/Usability & Productivity/2019

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Usability & Productivity Sprint 2019

This is the planning page for the Goals/Usability & Productivity goal's 2019 development sprint. Note that it is being held at the same time and place as the 2019 Plasma Sprint.

Wednesday 2019-06-19 - Wednesday 2019-06-26

Location: Slimbook offices, València https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=Ronda%20de%20la%20Química%20s%2Fn%20%20Paterna%2C%20Valencia#map=17/39.54223/-0.46146&layers=N



Where to stay

A nearby hotel will be provided free of charge (currently in the planning stages).


Please add your name to the table below if you're coming, along with arrival and departure dates.

Keep the list alphabetically sorted.

Name Arrival Leaving Accomodation
David Redondo 19th 26th
Méven Car 19th at 1:20pm 26th at 6:05pm
Nate Graham 19th 26th
Noah Davis 19th 26th
Tomaz Canabrava 23th 26th

Travel reimbursement


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