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  • Does not looks like something whose value can be changed (too much like a progress bar)

Boud: but no user ever has a problem actually figuring this out. We have had no complaints about that.

  • Right-clicking to edit the text on key board is not intuitive

Boud: this is an advanced feature and it's not necessary, in my opinion, to expose advanced features to all users, as long as the user can achieve their goal: i.e., to set a value.

Current version:



  • add a small arrow to show that it can be moved:

Krita-slide-bar-double-arrow.png Krita-slide-bar-single-arrow.png

Problem: the arrow would make the user think that he has to move the slider.

Boud: there's nothing wrong with that, since it works and feels natural. I like the two arrows design a lot.

  • make the slider looks more like a slider
  • put the text in a corner, and make left-click fire the editor, while clicking above the text would select the value

Boud: which corner? One consideration when moving the text is: will it be as obvious and legible.

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