This is a new thing I (Mario) would like to try this year. At the end of every day everybody should take some minutes to write what she or he has done or learned this day at the Randa Meetings. Just some words or a sentence or a link to his or her blog post ;-).

Saturday, 9th of August

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Aleix Pol Met with the team, some KDevelop 5 hacking
Christian Esken High-DPI support. https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/110399/
Valorie Zimmerman met with team, created logins, sample chapters, discussed plans
Bruno Friedmann met with team, setup computer's rooms, help here and there
Cristian Oneț arrived, met people
Anton Kreuzkamp Fixed some basic stuff in QmlWeb, I broke before.
Felix Rohrbach Started porting GluonCreator to Qt5/KF5
Arjen Hiemstra Arrival, planning discussions, some work on GluonInput. Merge Qt 5 branch to master.
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Arrival and porting of GluonSmarts library to Qt5 and the new CMake system
Myriam Schweingruber arrived rather late, tried to work, bad connections, went to bed rather early, closed a few obsolete bugs.
Till Theato Familiarizing with the refactored code (refactoring branch) again and some initial documentation of it

Sunday, 10th of August

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Aleix Pol Lots of discussions got done (see todo.kde.org, KDE SDK page), not much got done.
Christian Esken Improve "Select Master Channel" dialog : https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/110645/
Valorie Zimmerman met with Frameworks devels, discussed plans, cloned git repo [kde:scratch/garg/book], began editing content
Bruno Friedmann cloned git repo, began creating cover's book drafts, welcome new french comers, publish the sat-sun picture made by Françoise on G+ profile :-)
Cristian Oneț KDE SDK on Windows meeting, started moving away KMyMoney from KDELibs4Support deprecated classes, updating my Windows frameworks build
Harald Sitter Hackin' & Slashin'. Started to write a volume control application directly based on PulseAudio. Currently still working on the non-gui bits putting Qtness on top of the PulseAudio API. Discussed possibility of abandoning most of the Phonon 5 backend architecture and basing it primarily on libvlc.
Rohan Garg Discussed plans for the book, started writing one of the first chapters, participated in the KDE SDK tooling discussion as well as the third party app developer story around KDE Frameworks 5
Andreas Cord-Landwehr First KF5 porting session for Artikulate: it builds.
Anton Kreuzkamp Fixed some basic stuff in QmlWeb, I broke before. Implemented support for attached properties (turned out to be a 10 minutes effort).
David Narvaez Advanced Kig's port to Frameworks, only a couple of issues awa from a complete compilation
Arjen Hiemstra Ported GluonGraphics to Qt5. Continued work on GluonInput.
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Porting of GluonSmarts editor to Qt5
Myriam Schweingruber triaged 84 Bugs, half Phonon, half Amarok
Felix Rohrbach Continued to port GluonCreator, finished its library port
Daniel Vrátil triaging phonon-gstreamer bugs, trying to actually fix some of them
Till Theato more documentation on the refactoring branch, discussions on its architecture and individual parts of it, moving around parts of the old code to gain a better overview
Holger Kaelberer Arrived and enjoyed the view on the alps ;-) Finished traffic port. Fixed some bugs.
Calin Cruceru Solved some problems regarding KML standards and continued polishing on the Annotate Plugin in Marble.

Monday, 11th of August

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Aleix Pol More discussions, CMake Dependencies script. http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kde-dev-scripts.git&a=blob&h=48d4c16805ed092d723b642a77efeeaeaa813fda&hb=cede80daf4cb072067e12eba77855b7fff6d4a3b&f=cmake-dependencies.py
Valorie Zimmerman http://linuxgrandma.blogspot.ch/2014/08/randa-meetings-sprint-kde-frameworks.html
Bruno Friedmann Fix external customers trouble, KDE book finish svg template and markdown text file, continue to publish picture album on G+
Françoise Wybrecht & Lucie Robin Writing Lucie interview for dot.kde.org, Start making video interview of participants and groups : aka create the Press Randa Team :-)
Arjen Hiemstra Finished GluonInput rewrite. Discussed GluonAudio plans. Started work on proper plugin loading system.
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Begin work on node editor for Gluon (based on ALGOholic's and NukeEngine's work)
Cristian Oneț Updated and pushed KMyMoney Windows build scripts (mpir, alkimia, kmymoney) so now KMyMoney using frameworks can be build on Windows (using MSVC 2013). Continued porting away from KDELibs4Support. Built Kate on Windows and submitted the fixes which were needed to do this.
Harald Sitter Dicussed possibility of automated dependency generation based on CMake data. Worked on pulseaudio based volume control https://apachelog.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/volume/ . Discussed KMix KF5 port possibility.
David Narvaez Ported enough of Kig's code to KDE Frameworks to be able to compile the whole application. Currently not starting properly and missing the KUniqueApplication behavior.
Felix Rohrbach Finished GluonCreator port, still some bugs with the loading of plugins. Discussed the GluonAudio design and started a rewrite of it.
Daniel Vrátil moar phonon-gstreamer triaging, actually fixing a bug, some not-really-related-to-phonon work on KScreen
Myriam Schweingruber more bug triaging, almost only Amarok, made a bit harder due to connectivity problems, only 41 bugs triaged
Till Theato even more dicussions, itererating through all the components, initially hacking some aspects of the discussed concepts into the old code
Christian Esken Started the KDE Frameworks 5 port. Main work was on the build files. Next step will be code porting.
Andreas Cord-Landwehr Artikulate compiles on top of KF5.
Simon Wächter Porting the KDevelop App Template Wizard to KF5 and fix several unit tests
Anton Kreuzkamp Adding keyboard handling to QmlWeb.
Holger Kaelberer Discussed admin mode design. Started imageid port. Saw some nice edu applications
Calin Cruceru Made possible the loading of OSM files in the Edit Mode in Marble. Committed the Cut/Copy actions on graphic items (polygons, placemarks, ground overlays, polylines).

Tuesday, 12th of August

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David Narvaez Kig finally running on Frameworks :D
Cristian Oneț Continued porting KMyMoney away from KDELibs4Support (200 deprecation warnings to go). Fixed the following Frameworks on Windows issues: loading KDE plugins, loading KXmlGui rc files, loading oxygen icons.
Denis Steckelmacher Restoring all the features of the KF5-based QML/JS KDevelop plugin, and addition of information in api.kde.org (not yet online)
Till Theato discussions now focus on ui code design, more moving of code from big classes to better suiting smaller classes
Christian Esken Worked on 15 KMix bugs, closing 10 of them
Harald Sitter Discussed release scripts we use, magic source build tools we might want to have and possible UI design for the Plasma volume control worked on previously. Released Phonon, Phonon GStreamer, Phonon VLC 4.8 beta.
Bruno Friedmann Work with Françoise on the Lucie interview for dot.kde.org, Merge back suggestions for the book cover from vdg forums and push the changes svg source, png preview, pdf high resolution to repository. Say goodbye to everbody, and publish last album on G+
Andreas Cord-Landwehr Artikulate runs on top of KF5.
Simon Wächter Porting the KDevelop File Template Wizard to KF5 and fix several unit tests
Anton Kreuzkamp Finishing keyboard handling, adding XmlListModel to QmlWeb.
Myriam Schweingruber Explored website migration for ako fom Drupal 6.x to 7.x, triage more Amarok bugs
Holger Kaelberer Presented GCompris to the Edu group. Updated GCompris high level scetch of the admin feature. Continued imageid port.
Calin Cruceru Pushed to master the changes which make possible paths drawing and customization. Also fixed some bugs.

Wednesday, 13th of August

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Denis Steckelmacher better api.kde.org, enhancements in QML/JS
Cristian Oneț More port away from KDELibs4Support (almost done, only KDialog and KHBox stuff remaining) of KMyMoney plus some runtime fixes. Properly fixed icon and other resources loading on Windows.
David E. Narvaez Engaged in fixing QTBUG-4470 , which blocks the release of Geogebra support in Kig (GSoC 2014 project), not much progress so far :(
Till Theato More code cleanup, discussion with Mario on how to move Kdenlive closer to KDE

Thursday, 14th of August

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Friday, 15th of August

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