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Please add your name and details below if interested in attending the 2011 promo sprint

Name When not available Current Location Travel restrictions
Stuart Jarvis Jan, much of Feb, March 12-20, April 24-30 UK None
Oriol Mirosa March 12-20 US (Wisconsin) None
Justin Kirby Feb 15-22 is no good, mostly free otherwise US (Maryland) none
Pau Garcia i Quiles I'll see what I can do Spain none
Aaron Seigo Jan/Feb, probably much of March; middle of May to first week of June Vancouver until March, then Zurich None
Carl Symons March okay if not many days; April US (Washington) None
Damnshock February/March but the first weekend Barcelona (Spain) money?
Damien Tardy-Panis not available until mid March and 22-25 April (and I will probably be free only the weekend) Amsterdam (from February to August) then ? depends mainly on the distance
Thomas Thym May till June would be perfect St. Gallen, Switzerland none
Name Availability Location travel restrictions

Venue ideas

If you know somewhere that might be willing to host, please note it here

UK - there are some companies and universities I (Stu) could talk to, but only tentative ideas


  • prepare for desktop summit (this would be insanely valuable on its own as

very little has happened on the KDE side so far)

  • finish promo booklet (assuming we can get some of the folks who've been

leading the charge here to come)

  • create some wiki pages for important repeatable promo tasks
    • ensure we have an up to date page with boilerplate slides for use at conferences, LUG meetings, etc to introduce people to KDE so people don't have to reinvent the wheel every time
    • a page for all things related to conferences that people might need, like having all source files for flyers, stickers, install media, etc in one spot
    • organize pages for major initiatives like ISMP ("Join the game") and the upcoming corporate sponsorship campaign
  • other misc tasks (mailing list cleanup, other wiki organization)
  • get better exposure and more involvement for Windows/Mac efforts. For both users and developers. Non-Linux platforms badly need more developers, and Windows and Mac could bring many new developers in.
  • team building....in other words: meet each other in person, drink beers

(or whatever you prefer), hang out

  • pushing KDE EDU (esp. at schools)

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