Sprints/Plasma Mobile/2020

Plasma Mobile Sprint 2020

Monday 2020-02-03 - Sunday 2020-02-09

Location: KDAB office, Reuchlinstraße 10-11, 10553 Berlin, Germany


Plasma Mobile style Make styling more appealing to regular qcc2 apps Maybe just use org.kde.desktop? Org.kde.desktop was not being used due to performance. Maybe review org.kde.desktop, for me it works the best already.

Kirigami features request and update some controls backends.

What things do we need/want in Qt6/KF6?

Where to stay



Please put your name below if you're coming along with arrival and leave dates

Keep list alphabetically sorted.

Name Arrival Leaving Accomodation
Bhushan Shah 3 9 tbd
Jonah Brüchert 3 9 home
Linus Jahn 3 9 home
Marco Martin 3 8 tbd
Nicolas Fella 3 9 tdb
Tobias Fella 3 9 tdb
Rituka Patwal 3 9 tdb
Aleix Pol 3 7 tdb
Camilo Higuita 3 9 tdb
Simon Schmeißer (80% sure) 3 7 tbd

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