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Plasma Sprint 2023

(that should have been in 2020 Edition)

Friday 2023-05-05 - Wednesday 2023-05-10

Travel to/from Augsburg 2023-05-04/2023-05-11

Location: TUXEDO Computers GmbH, Alter Postweg 101, 86159 Augsburg, Germany.

Bürocenter Messe, 12th floor.


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How to get here

By plane

Nearest airports are Munich (MUC), Memmingen (FMM) and Nuremberg (NUE).

Getting from Munich to Augsburg takes around 1.5 hours by train in total: From Munich Airport take the S-Bahn to München-Pasing or München Hauptbahnhof (main station). From there you have various trains (both regional (RB/RE) and faster (ICE), though the difference seems miniscule) available to Augsburg.

Memmingen is a lot smaller smaller but has quite good connections all over Europe. It's worth checking as ticket fares might be cheaper. Getting from Memmingen to Augsburg takes around 2 hours by train in total.

Nuremberg Airport to Augsburg is 1:30 by train (metro (U) + RE/ICE)

Once in Augsburg, proceed as by local public transport below:

From Augsburg Main Station "Hauptbahnhof"
  • 15 minutes ride with tramway no. 3 towards Königsbrunn, Zentrum (used to be Haunstetten P+R West), exit at Bukowina-Institut / PCI and you're right in front of the building.
From Augsburg Station "Messe" (DB)
  • Take a 15 minute walk right upfront to the office building
  • or hop on bus no. 41 towards Königsplatz, exit at Bukowina-Institut / PCI. It's the next stop right away.
Local Transportation Tickets

You can buy tickets on the phone using the "DB Navigator" app.


Where to stay

Hotel B&B Augsburg

Haunstetter Straße 68

86161 Augsburg


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  • It's a 15-20 minute walk.
  • (If you really have to, you can take a 15 minute tram ride with tram no. 3 between Von-Parseval-Straße and Bukowina-Institut / PCI)
From Augsburg Main Station "Hauptbahnhof"
  • 15 minutes ride with tramway no. 3 towards Königsbrunn, Zentrum, exit at Von-Parseval-Straße and walk around the block on Johann-Georg-Halse-Straße.

Local Amenities

  • See Google Maps for:
    • Supermarkets
    • ATMs
    • Pharmacy
    • Tramway stations

Food during the day

In house cantina (3rd floor)

  • Small snacks, sandwiches (vegetarian and vegan on request), hot sausages, salads, deserts, sweets, candy bars
    • Either eat there or take away
    • They might not have everything in the afternoon!
  • Leaving the elevator, turn left
  • Opening Times:
    • Mo 07:00-17:30h
    • Tue 07:00-15:00h
    • Wed 07:00-17:30h
    • Thu 07:00-15:00h
    • Fri 07:00-14:00h
    • Sat 07:00-11:30h


Kaya Döner

  • next to Bauhaus, 2 minutes by foot around the corner
  • Menu


  • at tramway station University or 10 mins by foot
  • Pizza, Burger, Pasta, Schnitzel
  • Menu

Goldenes Stäbchen

  • Asian, Vietnamese food
  • 10-15 mins by foot, next to University tramway station
  • Menu

Mr. Onions

  • Burger, Finger Food, Salads
  • 10-15 mins by foot, next to University tramway station (same building as Goldenes Stäbchen)
  • Menu


  • Asian, Vientamese/Chinese
  • 10 mins by foot
  • Menu

Ristorante Il Porcino

  • Italian Pasta and Pizza
  • 10 mins by foot
  • Menu

Dinner Reservations

Thursday: Quilin 19:30 (import to Itinerary)

Friday: Mr. Onions 19:00 (import to Itinerary)

Saturday: Ristorante Il Porcino 19:00 (import to Itinerary)

Other days: TBD


Please email nicolas.fella at gmx.de if you'd like to attend.

Travel reimbursement