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In-person meeting cancelled due to global pandemic.

Sprint Schedule

April 4/5, 2019


Proposed topics, roughly grouped by scope. Feel free to extend and regroup this.

General project stuff

  • How can we get all of kde/pim migrated to gitlab? (Allen)
  • Did the bi-monthly summary blog approach we tried over the last year work out and should we continue with this? (Volker)
  • Should we phase out the Kolab resource in favor of IMAP+DAV, and if so, how can we do that practically? (Volker)
  • Progress of frameworkification, is KDAV ready to go, which framework is next after that? (Volker)


  • The use of KParts in kdepim (with some KF6 changes in mind) (David)
  • KF6/Qt6: anything problematic or anything larger to do in PIM or "our" frameworks? The Kross usage in accountwizard comes to mind. (Volker)

Larger reviews

  • Review and finalize the API of Nicolas' platform calendar access abstraction. (Volker)
  • Review the KUserFeedback usage for 20.04 (Volker)

Specific bugs

  • KOrganizer: bug can't modify item immediately after creating it (David)
  • Deleting multiple emails really fast leads to some of them being stuck in "about to be deleted" state (David)
  • Finding out why kmail often shows "This message is encrypted" erroneously (David)
  • Finding out why contact completion/search doesn't find some contacts (David)


  • Franck Arrecot
  • Laurent Montel
  • Kévin Ottens
  • David Faure
  • Dan Vratil
  • Andre Heinecke
  • Sandro Knauss
  • Volker Krause
  • Ingo Klöcker



Previous Meeting

PIM Sprint 2019, 5-7 April, Toulouse, France

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