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=Arrival and departure times=
=Arrival and departure times=
* David 20/04 20:16 by train - 22/04 ? (flying to Paris)
* David 20/04 16:14 by train - 22/04 17:25 (flying to Paris)

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Franck volunteered once again, thanks Franck ;)


Ekito Grand Builder
15 rue Gabriel Péri
31000 Toulouse

How to get there ?

From Airport to city center


You can either take the bus "Navette Aeroport - Centre Ville", this bus can let you 100 meters away from the Ibis Hotel with the Jeanne d'Arc stop within 20mins. Price for one ticket is about 8€ last time I checked.


There is only one line of tram going to the airport, so no confusion possible. It basically bring you to the Stop Palais de justice where you can pick a connexion with subway to jeanne arc if you're aiming for the Ibis hotel. Price is around 2€ (one ticket can do both tram & subway) but the travel is about 35/40 min.

From Hotel to the venue

IBis hotel is at jeanne d'arc stop, if you walk along the avenue you'll pass the Jean Jaures stop which is the hyper center of Toulouse, and from there it's a 5 min walk. Total walk is 10min from Jeanne d'Arc.

Sprint Schedule

April 20/21/22, 2018

Travel Reimbursement

File a request on https://reimbursements.kde.org/events/61


  • David Faure
  • Dan Vratil
  • Franck Arrecot
  • Kevin Ottens
  • Laurent Montel
  • Sandro Knauß
  • Volker Krause


  • David, Laurent: Ibis Toulouse Centre (address: 2 Rue Claire Pauilhac).
  • Kevin: home sweet home

If you want to book the Ibis Toulouse Centre using booking.com, use this link for 10% rebate: https://www.booking.com/s/32_8/dc771990

Arrival and departure times

  • David 20/04 16:14 by train - 22/04 17:25 (flying to Paris)


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