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| 18th
| 18th
| 23st
| 23st
| Hotel (May have extra bed, depending on Brother taking vacation at the same time)
| Hotel (Booked with brother for simultaneous vacation)
| Matthijs Tijink
| Matthijs Tijink

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KDE Connect sprint 2019

Friday 2019-07-19 - Sunday 2019-07-21

Location: Suse offices, Nuremberg




Where to stay



Please put your name below if you're coming along with arrival and leave dates

Keep list alphabetically sorted.

Name Arrival Leaving Accommodation
Albert Vaca 19th 21st
Aleix Pol 19th 21st
Erik Duisters 19th 21st
Kai Uwe Broulik 19th 21st
David Edmundson 19th 21st
Nicolas Fella 19th-ish 21st-ish
Simon Redman 18th 23st Hotel (Booked with brother for simultaneous vacation)
Matthijs Tijink 19th 21st-ish

Travel reimbursement


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