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  • ...ject to register and unregister on the DBus Tubes, and to provide you with an interface similar to the one as a DBus Server. Tabbed Kwhiteboard using ObjectManager Interface - Pending
    80 KB (12,870 words) - 08:16, 19 October 2014
  • * Most of the kdepimlibs subdirs are now building using ECM. * Porting the kdepim libraries to KF5/Qt5 started (A big porting is port to QLocale)
    35 KB (4,171 words) - 08:07, 19 April 2019
  • ...een in frequent contact with potential mentors. Simply copying and pasting an idea here will not work. On the other hand, creating a completely new idea ...g for help from the general KDE community don't assume people are familiar with the ideas here. KDE is really big!
    88 KB (13,832 words) - 07:12, 18 May 2016
  • |[[image:Snapshot-eclipse.png|right|thumb|200px|KDE4's ktimetracker loaded as eclipse project]] ...SUSE Linux 11.1 but should work same or similar with every combination. As an example KDE application we use [ KTimeT
    5 KB (783 words) - 11:48, 11 March 2016