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  • ...the Plasma Components (for touch). This article describes how to setup and run <tt>marble-touch</tt> for Plasma Active (using plasma components in the tou ...than the window itself. To emulate a touch device display, it's useful to run marble-touch inside of Xephyr. Install it and execute
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  • ...which will be managed by an instance of the syncronizer. Syncronizers will run in their own process and be responsible to writing changes to the store, sy ...ows a convention allowing clients to address a given resource's shell. The shell will be responsible for communication between clients and the resource, que
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  • docker run -ti --rm kdeorg/android-sdk bash To make it easy to compile applications we put some scripts to get started. They can be triggered like this:
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  • Patch the source code with KDE's own patches first: run <tt>patches\apply_patches.bat</tt>.>environment.bat</tt>]] which you can then execute once in a new ''cmd'' shell.
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  • ==== How to replace windows explorer as shell? ==== ...ce the value of HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell with the plasma-desktop path - but - be aware that explorer provides almost
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  • ...d a netbook/tablet and that was the first target of the sprint: put KDE to run on the device with a nice tablet interface. on several platforms with a great user experience. The developers also started communicating with MeeGo community to create a KDE space on OBS, so we can
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  • ...ttp:// Getting Started/Sources/Amarok Git Tutorial] ...oxygen-icon-theme-complete, so you don’t have missing icons if you do not run KDE.
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  • manager like KDM, or on the console you ran <tt>startx</tt> from if you started X that way. Also check the systemd log, since the application could be its ...and color-code the text. For example, running the following lines in your shell will produce something that looks quite like <tt>kDebug</tt>'s colored outp
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  • ...dencies. And It use the Qt’s QWebEngine and QWebChannel. Those are used to run a JS library and It brings a lot of overhead. ...parser.git/commit/?id=90bd0b07c40e46c160f0a258a9e75fdece696126 make simple shell program. Thanks to Eike]
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  • the crash, so that developers may track down in which function the mess started. Having good backtraces has a downside: [[Development/Tutorials/Debugging/D ...tive document [ Getting Traces].
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  • ===Getting a backtrace with DrKonqi=== kioslaves on windows are started by klauncher (or kio) as separate kioslave processes. The kioslave executab
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  • Normally, Amarok is expected to run correctly. The release versions have gone through betas and have been teste ...the Amarok menu, or right-click the tray icon and choose '''Quit'''), then run the following in a terminal:
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  • ''- To print debug output to the shell. Only works when Amarok was started with --debug option.'' ...ring. The QByteArray requires that Importer.loadQtBinding("qt.core") to be run prior to using it. DataDownloader should be used for fetching files such as
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  • *force-reedit: re-run automake and am_edit on the ...(i.e. those defined with check_PROGRAMS). It is even possible to actually run some tests during "make check", see kdelibs/arts/tests/
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  • ...a lot of ways to find bugs in KDE code. Increasingly, KDE developers have started to use automated tools. You can use some of those tools to improve your own ...collectively known as "Krazy". These tests were originally developed to be run as part of a larger set of tests on a machine known as [http://www.englishb
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  • == Getting Started == There are just a few steps that you need to take that will get your started with packaging software for Ubuntu.
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  • *force-reedit: re-run automake and am_edit on the ...(i.e. those defined with check_PROGRAMS). It is even possible to actually run some tests during "make check", see kdelibs/arts/tests/
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  • ...Akonadi_Start_Stop|Akonadi startup/shutdown]]|Decide how akonadi should be started/stopped on Windows (There is now a ...s to trigger a very large query. Used with multiple large accounts Kontact started to loose stability and ultimately began to freeze um with some Akonadi ress
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  • ...naps is one of the ways to do this. Snaps are Linux app packages that can run on pretty much any Linux distro. There is a single centralised Snap store ...e typically contains all the files, including libraries and data files, to run the app. There are also Content Snaps which contain reuseble libraries. I
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  • ...applications, each with GUI and data handling aspects, pressed into a thin shell. The aim was to create an groupware software product that is more integrate Getting input on a number of Akonadi bugs
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