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  • is no specific contact given you can ask questions on the general KDE development list [email protected] See [ the KDE maili ...ow you to select a set of tracks and share them with friends over chat. By using Telepathy lots of IM networks are available including jabber, google talk,
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  • ...enter the new group name. This should be ported to allow editing in place (using the usual model-view way, just pressing F2 and editing the stuff). Prerequisites: development packages of kdelibs and kdepimlibs, Knowlegde of C++, ideally also Qt. Loca
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  • Tabbed Kwhiteboard using ObjectManager Interface - Pending a gaming freak to wield his magic with click-and-go! The craze for game development has grown exponentially in terms of popularity in the last few years. For a
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  • ...ment applications like cmake and git. You can find information, tools and tutorials on KDE's TechBase Wiki. You must begin with a C++ development toolkit including gcc, git, and cmake. These applications will be availabl
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  • ...part of Test Driven Development, however they are useful for all software development processes. It is not essential that all of the code is covered by unit test Note that unit tests are dynamic tests (i.e. they run, using the compiled code) rather than static analysis tests (which operate on the
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