1/October/2010: Arrival and hacking starting from 09:00 local time 2/October/2010: Hacking 3/October/2010: Hacking and departure


The event will take place in Madrid, In the offices of ufocoders. The office is not down town, but in a offices/recreative places (with a cinema, restaurants etc).

Note: The building is not constructed in the maps
Note2: I tried to edit openstreetmaps to add more information but to do it I have to have Flash, and I don't, sorry :/

How to get there

The Office where the sprint will take place is connected very well with the airport (Barajas) and with the main Train Station:

  • Atocha Station (Train)

MetroMadrid website

Attendees List

The column "Sponsoring needed?" is to know if you need sponsoring or if you pay the travel/stay by yourself.

We do not know (yet) how the food will be (restaurant, catering etc...) but anyway the office is near a lot of fast food places (McDonals, Foster hollywood, Burger King, Other local stuff), so in any case it should be cheap.

Name email Project/Interest Arrival Departure Airport Flight Food preferences Room preferences Estimated travel costs Sponsoring needed? Work Special
Alejandro Fistas (afiestas) alex at ufocoders B0t com NetworkManager//Bluetooth 1.0 4.0 none by car none none 0 € yes Author of BlueDevil and starting to dig in NetworkManager anything)

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