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This is an analysis of where we are, what we support and what we do not.

Hardware or System Integration

This is a list of areas where KDE Platform or KDE Plasma Desktop need to be integrated with.


Currently we have one main project called "NetworkManagement" which atm it supports NetworkManager though it is supposed to be able to support more backends in the future.

Located: extragear/base (svn) Coordinator: Will Stephenson?

Power Management

PowerManagement support is build in kdebase, under the PowerDevil project.

Located: kdebase (git) Coordinator: Dario Freddi


Currently we have one main project called "BlueDevil" to support Bluetooth.

Located: extragear/base (git) Coordinator: Rafael Fernandez and Alex Fiestas


There are two projects supporting printing:


Interface for system-config-printer currently it is full featured though the interface is not finished.

Located: kdeadmin/system-config-printer-kde/ (svn) Coordinator: Jonathan Riddell


Project written in Qt/C++ from scratch with a feature right interface.

Located: playground/base/print-manager (git) Coordinator: Daniel Nicoletti

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