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This document outlines functionality, user interface design and considerations for improvements of screen management in Plasma.


  • _screen_: the combination of outputs
  • _output_: an output is a monitor connection to the system, it usually has the following properties:
    • connected: cable plugged in or not
    • enabled: used for displaying content, disconnected outputs can't be
    • list of modes: each mode is a resolution (screen width and height pixels) and a refresh rate (for example 60Hz)
    • position: the relative position to the top-left corner of the whole screen (useful only for multiscreen setups)
    • current mode: the currently set mode
    • preferred mode: the preferred mode, usually one of the highest resolution with a pleasant refresh rate

Usage examples

Here are some examples of what kind of scenarios kscreen serves.

Static Workstation

The user has a more of less static setup, for example t

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