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How we work

All Solid projects operates in the same way, be sure to read How we work


BlueDevil is the codename for the project which aims to integrate the Bluetooth technology into KDE Frameworks and KDE Plasma Desktop. The project is composed of a few components each of them have they own roadmap and maintainer.

List of components since 1.0:

  • KDE Bluetooth Agent: Alex Fiestas
  • Send File: Alex Fiestas
  • kio_obexftp: Alex Fiestas
  • kio_bluetooth: Alex Fiestas
  • Pairing Wizard: Alex Fiestas
  • File receiving: Alex Fiestas
  • Control Module: Rafael Fernandez Lopez
  • System tray: Rafael Fernandez Lopez

Project Status

The version 1.0 considered as stable has been released and will receive updates as minor versions (1.0.1 will be the first).

The version 1.1 is under a heavy development the roadmap can be found here


Currently we're lacking a good End user documentation, help is needed.

How to collaborate

BlueDevil is a KDE project, so we use the usual ways to communicate to each other, and to work together.

Project Page

Currently BlueDevil is under extragear/base KDE Project Page

Mailing list

We're using the kde-hardware-devel mailing list kde-hardware-devel


BlueDevil is composed by a set of components, some of them are debugged in a completely different way.


The kio's are the hardest part of BlueDevil to debug:

  • Execute kdebugdialog --fullmode
  • Select kio_bluetooth or kio_obexftp
  • In all 4 sections choose the "File" option, and introduce an output path (for example /home/youruser/kio_obexftp.txt

In case that the bug is reproducible in Konqueror and Dolphin, use the first is preferred.


Try to reproduce the bug only using the affected module. For example in case that the affected module were filetransfer, you should execute: kcmshell4 bluedevilfiletransfer

To get a complete list you can execute: kcmshell4 --list | grep bluedevil


Execute kdebugdialog, search "bluedevil" and activate everything. Then execute bluedevil-wizard in the terminal and provide the output.


Try to reproduce the bug step by step, restarting all BlueDevil (in the KCM)


And finally, we're using, search twice before post a new bug. If a developer ask for feedback, and it is not provided within the following 30 days, the bug may be closed.

Testing before release

A set of tests must be done before a new version can be released so we can be quite sure that at least no regressions has been introduced.

Tests page



BlueDevil 1.2

We have one simple objective for BlueDevil 1.2, perfectionism

KDE Bluetooth Agent

Status Type Description Contact

bgcolor="#FFABAB" | FAILED

File receiving

Status Type Description Contact
TODO Research Port to obexd <[email protected]>

Pairing Wizard

Status Type Description Contact

Send File

Status Type Description Contact


Status Type Description Contact
TODO Improvement We need to have a better error handling, using the kio interface to report the errors <[email protected]>


Status Type Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Improvement Show the configured devices first, and discover in the background <[email protected]>

Control Module

Status Type Description Contact
TODO Feature Add a Connect button in configure devices (like systray has) <[email protected]>

System tray

Status Type Description Contact
TODO Improvement Improve way to connect and disconnect services <[email protected]>
TODO Improvement Global disconnect from device (all services and device itself) <[email protected]>

File Sharing

Status Type Description Contact
DONE Feature Be able to share folders and files <[email protected]>
DONE Feature Add a KCM to configure/show the shared files <[email protected]>
TODO Feature Indicate in dolphin part with an overlay icon the shared files/folders <[email protected]>
TODO Feature Be able to share folders/files directly from dolphinpart <[email protected]>