How we work

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BlueDevil is the codename for the project which aims to integrate the Bluetooth technology into KDE Frameworks and KDE Plasma Desktop. The project is composed of a few components each of them have they own roadmap and maintainer.

Project Status

The version 1.0 considered as stable has been released and will receive updates as minor versions (1.0.1 will be the first).

The version 1.1 is under a heavy development the roadmap can be found here


Currently we're lacking a good End user documentation, help is needed.

How to collaborate

Bluedeivl is a KDE project, so we use the usual ways to communicate to each other, and to work together.

Project Page

Currently BlueDevil is under extragear/base KDE Project Page

Mailing list

We're using the kde-hardware-devel mailing list kde-hardware-devel


BlueDevil 1.1

The focus of 1.1 release will be add more Elegance into BlueDevil, for example by adding a better error hanlding, making things reacting as the user expect etc... There is not a release date for it, but can be expected somewhere close to KDE 4.6 release.

Status Component Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kio_bluetooth Show the configured devices first, and discover in the background
TO DO kio_obexftp We need to have a better error handling, using the kio interface to report the errors Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
TO DO Pairing Wizard Use random 8 digit random PIN Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
TO DO Pairing Wizard Detect when a device can introduce the PIN Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
TO DO Pairing Wizard Support all Bluetooth pairing modes Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
TO DO KDE Agent Support all Bluetooth pairing modes Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
DONE systray Implement a better order in the systray options
DONE systray Show a overlay icon when a device is connected
DONE systray Add a tooltip

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