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What is Korona?

Korona is a live DVD that makes it easy to peek at the current state of porting KDE4 to OpenSolaris. It's created by adding the packages of the KDE-Solaris project on top of a regular OpenSolaris image. Apart from setting KDE as default, there are no other customizations.


ISOs are posted regularly at genunix.org

Can I install Korona and use it in production environment?

Please don't :-)
Korona is not really a distribution. It's meant to be a test-drive thing.
If Korona is not stable enough for you, then have a look at Belenix.
If you like Korona, you may be better off installing regular OpenSolaris and installing KDE from the KDE-Solaris IPS repository (check the forum for latest news).

So what works and what's broken?

See the Status page.

I want to join the developers/build my own KDE packages

A step by step guide is available.


There is a forum. Developers hang out at the #kde4-solaris IRC channel of Freenode.


Korona 4.3.1
It comes with new version numbering scheme ;-), the version now matches the KDE version, this means that now it ships with KDE 4.3.1
Now also kdebindings, kdepim-runtime, kdeplasma-addons and qtcreator are included.
A Qt benchmark qgears is included.
KDEl10n packages were dropped to make the iso smaller.
The following issues are fixed: "Konqueror crashes when launched via Run Command", "Kinfocenter crashes", "nwam-manager is spawned multiple times", "Right-click on Icon Settings kills plasma"
The following either new or previously untracked issues were identified: "Akonadi seems misconfigured", "Several games crash", "Some edu apps crash", "krunner crashes", "akonadi_nepomuk_email_feeder crashes", "QtCreator requires LD_LIBRARY_PATH to start correctly", "Annoying mouse bug"

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