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Developer Portal

Screenshot 2020-02-17 KDE Developers Area.png

Introduction : KDE is lacking a developer portal which developers and newcomers can use to get started with development. Currently all such information is scattered all around the web. My project idea was to bring together all this information and compile all this onto a webpage.

Mentor: Carson Black

Work Done: On recommendation of my mentor (Carson Black), I tried to improve https://kde.org/develop rather than creating a page from scratch. Special Thanks to Carl Schwan who helped gather the content for the page.

Overview: Week 1: Communicating with the developer community on what can be added to the site. Week 2: Getting the code for the site and setting it up on my local machine and gathering relevant information. I was able to create a sample version of the final design ready and shared it with the community for reviews. Week 3 & 4 : These 2 weeks were mainly focused on working on the reviews provided. I also added some additional features like navbar and "go to top" button for easy navigation.

Week 5 & 6: Making Minor changes with the logos and design and cleaning up the code. Getting reviews on the page and making the necessary changes.

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