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Replace unmaintained SMART support to calling smartctl command in KDE Partition Manager

Project name: Replace unmaintained SMART support to calling smartctl command in KDE Partition Manager.

Brief description: This project involved improving SMART support to calling smartctl command and processing its JSON output instead of using the unmainteined libatasmart library. I also worked in the KAuth upgrade patch, that will improve the execution of a stack of operations with no need to call KAuth multiple times.

Mentor: Andrius Stikonas.

Project goals

  • Replace libatasmart library.
  • Add smartctl JSON parsing support.

Status of the project

Completed. I'm still working in KAuth patch, improving some DBus service communication that keeps the authentication until the user ends KPM application. We're waiting for the next release of smartmontools (that includes JSON support) to merge the SMART improvement to master branch.

Commits: https://cgit.kde.org/kpmcore.git/log/?h=kauth&qt=author&q=Caio+Carvalho

SMART report

SMART report GUI (now working with JSON output provided by smartctl command):


What I learned during SoK

  • More about Qt libraries.
  • CMake.
  • DBus communication.
  • SMART and smartctl command.
  • KAuth flow.

Blog posts

I wrote one post about my initial experiences in SoK (it's in portuguese, I'll try to translate it to english later):



Email: [email protected]

IRC: cjlcarvalho

Github: cjlcarvalho

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