OpenQA Plasma Mobile

Project Name: OpenQA Plasma Mobile

A Brief Description:

- OpenQA Plasma Mobile project indirectly tries to achieve the goal of Usability and Productivity.

- This task of OpenQA Plasma Mobile was created by Bhushan Shah, which lead me to the idea of creating integration testing for plasma mobiles which would help us to achieve higher quality version of mobiles.

Status of the project: On the urge of completion.

Mentor: Bhushan Shah.

Overview of Work Done:

- Created needle that tested the wayland-session.

- To run the Plasma-mobile tests, modified configuration by creating a new environment variable and using neon-pm.iso instead of neon.iso.

- Checked the Plasma Mobile's : Home-screen, Search-Bar and Application Drawer.

- Created few needles that verifies the working of following applications:

i. Phone Application




ii. Kirigami Application

iii. Koko Application

iv. Settings Application

v. Camera Application

Blog Post link:


Camera Application Needle


Dialer Application Needle


Kirigami Application Needle


Settings Application Needle



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