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This is awesome about SoK:

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Scarlett Clark

Project Name: Revamp the Continuous Integration system

A Brief Description: The continuous integration system is a piece of infrastructure which compiles KDE software, executes tests included with the software and performs software quality tests. This is done when developers make commits to, and is used to ensure our software is in a releasable state and to detect regressions which are accidentally introduced from time to time. It can be found at As part of this project you will be revamping the system to allow us to expand it to cover additional operating systems in the future, standardise the configuration of jobs and to improve the flexibility of the builds we perform. In addition you'll also be responsible for setting up a new foundation for our Linux builds as the current one is running on a distribution which will soon be out of date.

Status: I have a working first prototype using docker.

Screenshot: Please see my blog post below.

IRC Nick: sgclark

IRC Channels: Err way to many to list, can always find me in kubuntu-devel though


Mentors: Ben Cooksley

This is awesome about SoK: I am learning a grand number of things. I can take this knowledge with me for life.

This is what I learned during SoK: Docker, Jenkins, Python, and I have only begun my journey...

Souvik Das

Project Name: Kanagram-Introducing 2-player option

A Brief Description: A two-player system could be introduced. Each player would be alternatively given turns to solve the anagram and a scoreline would be kept for each of them. There can be a certain number of questions for each player, from one particular category which should be selected beforehand.

Status: Just going through the codes and getting familiar


IRC Nick: sd__

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde, #kde-soc, #fedora


Mentors: Jeremy Whiting

This is awesome about SoK: Exposes me to the world of open source coding

This is what I learned during SoK: Just started

Aarsee Aeron

Project Name: Adding activities to GCompris

A Brief Description: Adding new activities to GCompris

Status: Getting familiar with JavaScript and Qt platform


IRC Nick: aarsee

IRC Channels: #kde , #kde-soc , #kde-devel


Mentors: Bruno Coudoin

This is awesome about SoK: It is my first experience with open source organisation. Quite happy to contribute to it and looking forward to learn a lot from this.

This is what I learned during SoK: I have just started with my project.

Garvit Khatri

Project Name: Porting Kturtle to KDE Frameworks 5

A Brief Description: In this project I will port application Kturtle to the latest KDE Framework 5. First I will start with Build System then moving on to UI, then to KDE Core.

Status: Getting more familiar with code and communicating with mentor.


IRC Nick: garvitdelhi

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-soc


Mentors: Anuj Pahuja <[email protected]>

This is awesome about SoK: This not only gives us a platform to develop for KDE organization, gain experience but we get goodies as well at the end :D

This is what I learned during SoK: The journey has just started ...

Anu Mittal

Project Name:Route to KF5-porting the application Kalzium to KDE Frameworks 5

A Brief Description:Testing the current features,enhancing their speed and upgrading the design of the application.

Status: Getting acquainted with the language and the code of the application.


IRC Nick: anuM

IRC Channels: #kde-devel,#kde,#kde-soc


Mentors: Aleix Pol

This is awesome about SoK: Provides exposure to open source development and getting acquainted with people of common interest.

This is what I learned during SoK: Its just the beginning

Pinak Ahuja

Project Name: Finding a better alternative to Xapian for Baloo

A Brief Description: In this project I will look at the underlying implementation of Xapian to understand why it doesn't function well for baloo's use case and find an alternative which works better and start implementing it.

Status: Understanding implementation of Xapian's features, that Baloo uses, from Xapian source code.


IRC Nick: pinak

IRC Channels: #plasma #kde-baloo #kde-devel #kde-devel


Mentors: Vishesh Handa

This is awesome about SoK:

This is what I learned during SoK:

Rahul Chowdhury

Project Name: Improve/refresh KHangMan UI

A Brief Description: The aim of the project will be to combine the desktop, plasma active and harmattan UI into one QML based UI instead of using QWidget and SVG. As a result KHangMan will be having a nice clean UI and it will be compatible on the above-mentioned platforms.

Status: Initially there were some segfault problems with KHangMan related to loading kvtml files and theme files that had to be taken care of, followed by some cleaning up tasks related to a few TODO and FIXME in the code. Then the QML files under harmattan were moved to a new 'qml' folder, and now KHangMan loads main.qml from there as the main widget in its mainwindow. Much of the code has been ported from QtQuick 1 to QtQuick 2.3 , and at present when the app is launched the QML view is loaded with some of the tools and buttons displaying and some features working properly. There are still a lot of things to be done, like fixing the issues related to loading of some image files, and adding some extra functionalities, and ultimately get the whole app to work properly and so on.

Screenshot: snapshot18.png

IRC Nick: rahulch

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-edu #kde-soc #kde #fedora-kde


Mentors: Jeremy Whiting , Heena Mahour

This is awesome about SoK: SoK is a great way for coders to get involved with KDE and start making their contributions to it. Usually if a student has an impressive idea for a project and if it gets accepted, he/she gets to work on it. The experience gained in the whole process is invaluable, where people get to interact with the developers from all over the world, share their knowledge and learn a lot of new things all along. Everyone from the KDE community is extremely friendly, and they are always ready to help out anyone in need. At the end of the project the student gets to learn a lot, it helps to brush up coding and algorithm skills, and it also gives a sense of satisfaction by making your own contributions to a software that is globally used by all.

This is what I learned during SoK: Got to know more about QtQuick, learnt a few tricks on git, developed my OOPS concepts.

Koushik S

Project Name: digiKam : Improve automatic noise reduction using Wavelets

A Brief Description: The project aims to improve the noise reduction algorithm to better estimate noise present in the image, and correct them.

Status: Getting familiar with the present algorithm implemented, and in the process of implementing the updated one as a seperate OpenCV application for better understanding.


IRC Nick: skoushik

IRC Channels: #digikam #kde-in #kde-soc


Mentors: Gilles Caulier

This is awesome about SoK: Great way to get started with open source development, and getting to know amazing people in the process.

This is what I learned during SoK: So far, I've learnt about practices in writing code, and utilizing Object-oriented Programming concepts for solving some of the problems.

Ranveer Aggarwal

Project Name: Revamp

A Brief Description: For the uninitiated, Planet KDE is KDE's Blog aggregator, i.e. it displays feeds from the blogs of KDE contributors on one common web platform.

It's been in existence since 2008, and uses Rawdog (A Python-based RSS Aggregator). It renders all the content on to a single HTML file, which can be customized.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is to revamp the existing website, in the following ways:

  • Upgrade Rawdog to its newest version
  • Give the website a new look and feel, with mobile compatibility
  • Add social network feeds to it, if the APIs permit

Timeline: So here is what I have roughly planned:

  • Firstly, I'll read through the rawdog docs, and try a small implementation locally.
  • Next, I'll go through the existing source code, and see how it is written, especially the rawdog-HTML/CSS integration.
  • After the basic requirement of aggregating blogs is done, I'll go through the API documentations of social networking websites and work on the integration with the website, again locally.
  • After understanding how things work in the above two steps, I'll make a rough mockup of the new design and that can be discussed and improved upon.
  • Then I'll develop the front-end part of the website
  • After that is done, add rawdog and the social network APIs to it.
  • Finalizing the code, adding finishing touches, adding new features if possible

Status: Currently getting familiar with Rawdog

Screenshot: This is how the current blog looks like: PlanetKDE1.png

IRC Nick: ranveeraggarwal

IRC Channels: #kde-www #kde-soc


Mentors: Jonathan Riddell

This is awesome about SoK: It's my first step to Open Source, and I found the community very enthusiastic and helpful.

This is what I learned during SoK: //TODO

Dinu Kumarasiri

Project Name: Theme Designing for Pairs

A Brief Description: Pairs is an educational project focussed on pre-school children. It stimulates memory and logic skills in children. There are three aspects which should be covered in this project; Create and add new themes, Improve documentation, Refactor and format code base.

Status: Going through and trying to understand the code.


IRC Nick: dinu

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-edu #kde-soc #kde


Mentors: Heena Mahour

This is awesome about SoK: This program gives a guided entrance to KDE and open source community.

This is what I learned during SoK: Still at the getting started phase. I'm sure this will have a long list at the end of the program.

Sayan Biswas

Project Name: Kanagram: Make clickable letters using QML objects rather than one text object.

A Brief Description: The aim of the project will be to make the letters clickable QML objects rather than one Text object, to animate them moving to the answer area, if a letter is typed on the keyboard then animate moving one of the letters to the answer area, and a few other improvements if time permits.

Status: Getting acquainted with the code.

IRC Nick: techsayan

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-edu #kde-soc #nitdgplug #konversation #gsoc

Blog: #TODO

Mentors: Debjit Mondal

This is awesome about SoK: The direct interaction and knowing about the available projects and get the opportunity to actually work on it under the guidance of the maintainers is really what excites me the most. In SoK the maintainers are also encouraging for new ideas and help us work on it from the basics.

This is what I learned during SoK: Got to learn Qt, revise my OOPS concept and the most importantly the journey has just began.

R. Harish Navnit

Project Name: Plasma Media Center : Porting the series and RSS podcasts backend to Plasma5

A Brief Description: Two backends of the Plasma Media Center are the RSS Podcast support and the Series backend. Through this project, I aim to port both of these backends of the Plasma Media Center to KF5 and Plasma 5 and also make several changes in them, like porting series backend to use guessit library etc, fixing various bugs in it and polishing it.

Status: Porting the eventsbackend in Plasma Media Center


IRC Nick: rharish

IRC Channels: #plasma #kde-in #kde-devel #kde-soc #kde-speech


Mentors: Bhushan Shah

This is awesome about SoK: The flexibility of the program.

This is what I learned during SoK:

Utkarsh Simha

Project Name: Enhancing observing tools for KStars

A Brief Description: 1. To add "Observing Time Optimizer" feature to find the optimal time/altitude to observe an object. 2. To add ability to sketch logs.

Status: Familiarizing myself with the Qt Framework by implementing some basic UI additions to KStars (UI for StarHopper tool)


IRC Nick: usimha

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde-kstars


Mentors: Akarsh Simha

This is awesome about SoK: Great experience, contributing to Open Source!

This is what I learned during SoK: A lot of C++ and Qt. Interacting with other people in the community.

M Sai Krishna

Project Name:Adding Gcompris activities

A Brief Description:Adding new activites to GCompris.

Status: Getting acquainted with Qt and Javascript.


IRC Nick: saikrishna17394

IRC Channels: #kde-devel,#kde,#kde-soc


Mentors: Kesha Shah

This is awesome about SoK: This is my first open source project. I am excited contributing to the community.

This is what I learned during SoK: It just started.

Minh Ngo

Project Name:KF5 Based Python 3 backend for Cantor

A Brief Description: This projects aim to provide a additional Python 3 backend for Cantor, with the basic features of the Cantor backends: syntax highlithing, tab-complete, variable management, support to show plot figures in the worksheet, support to some extensions like linear algebra and plot generation, and more.

Status: Ported for KDE4


IRC Nick: nlminhtl

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #fedora-kde, #fedora-devel, #kde-soc

Blog: <TODO>

Mentors: Filipe Saraiva

This is awesome about SoK: It's not my first open source contribution, so I just wanted a cool T-shirt :))

This is what I learned during SoK: It just started.

Nitul Datt

Project Name: Amarok : Cue Sheet Support

A Brief Description: At present Amarok does not provide support for cue sheeted music in the collection. If implemented correctly, this feature would allow for the independent playback of individual songs stored in a single audio file.

Status: Getting to terms with the related parts of the codebase.


IRC Nick: nit91

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde-sok,


Mentors: Vedant Agarwala

This is awesome about SoK:

This is what I learned during SoK:

Subhajit Mukherjee

Project Name: Finishing

A Brief Description: I wish to design a new theme for the webpage and give the site a new look. I also want make the website Google friendly and search engine optimized. I have already started with measuring the traffic on the webpage and wish to ensure that the site can work under load. I also wish to integrate the site with social media so that people can easily get access to information about Kubuntu and get into using the same. Finally I would import all the data from the current site and make a responsive webpage that can rum=n smoothly on PC as well as on mobile phones.

Status: Finished designing the basic layout for the web page.

Screenshot: , , ,

IRC Nick: bukai

IRC Channels: #kubuntu-devel,#kubuntu,#kde-devel #kde-edu #kde-soc #kde


Mentors: Jonathan Riddell

This is awesome about SoK: It's my first SoK.

This is what I learned during SoK: <TODO>

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