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We're collecting the necessary information for the rework of www.kde.org here. If you have questions ask in #kde-www on freenode or email [email protected]

The following pages need to be filled with content by January 23rd. Just copy the template below to the program you want to work on and fill it out. The entry on Parley can be used as reference. Just leave empty what you can't find. Every little bit helps

Screenshots should be sent to [email protected] and follow the screenshot guidelines.

Do not worry about layout problems on the wiki page. We will copy the information from the page source later.


Screenshot sent:
Description: (can be HTML or wiki markup)
Features (optional):
ID on kde-apps.org:
Page on Userbase:
ID of subforum on forum.kde.org:
Link to handbook:
IRC channel(s):
Mailing lists:
Project name on cia.vc:
Bugzilla product/component:

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