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Schedules/Plasma 5

This page contains the planned release schedule for Plasma 5. This schedule is our best guess at this point, in case the quality is not deemed good enough before the final release, it is subject to revision. All deadlines are due midday UTC, but if you need a few more hours, notify someone from the release team.

Version Name Date Tars Date Release Comments
5.0 Release Thu 2014-07-10 Tue 2014-07-15 Final tag, only urgent fixes approved by release dude
5.0.1 Bugfix Thu 2014-08-07 Tue 2014-08-12 Bug fixes and new translations only from 5.0 branch
5.0.2 Bugfix Thu 2014-09-04 Tue 2014-09-09 Bug fixes and new translations only from 5.0 branch
5.0.95 Beta Thu 2014-09-11 Tue 2014-09-16 Message and feature freeze
5.1.0 Release Thu 2014-10-09 Tue 2014-10-14 5.1 Branch made

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