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=== Thursday 9 October tagging, Tuesday 15 October release ===
=== Next: Thursday 9 October tagging, Tuesday 15 October release ===

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This page contains the planned release schedule for Plasma 5. This schedule is our best guess at this point, in case the quality is not deemed good enough before the final release, it is subject to revision. All deadlines are due midday UTC, but if you need a few more hours, notify someone from the release team.

Soft Freeze: Mon, 10th March

Codebase is closed for new, unplanned features. Only planned features and bugfixes are allowed in past this point.

Alpha 1: Tue, 1st April

Alpha1 is tagged from trunk. As soon as the tarballs have been confirmed to build and the Release Team thinks they meet enough quality it will be released

Message & Hard Freeze: Thu, 1st May

Codebase is frozen for new features. Only bugfixes are allowed. (Exception: Features in Wayland-only codepaths, decided by Martin Grässlin). All translated messages (GUI strings) are frozen on this date. Only previously untranslated strings or clear errors in strings can be fixed. No major new strings changes should be done. You cannot add new strings, if you really need one ask kde-i18n-doc for an exception. It is ok to remove strings.

Beta: Fri, 9 May tagging, Tue 13 May release

Beta is tagged from trunk

Beta 2: Thu June 5 tagging, Tue 10 June release

Beta is tagged from trunk

Release Candidate: Thu 3 July tagging, Tue 8 July release

All artwork is frozen on this date

Final Release: Thursday 10 July tagging, Tuesday 15 July release

The branch is frozen for final release tagging. Only urgent fixes, such as those fixing compilation errors, should be committed.

Bugfix 1: Thursday 14 August tagging, Tuesday 19 August release


Bugfix 2: Thursday 11 September tagging, Tuesday 16 September release


Beta: Thursday 25 September tagging, Tuesday 30 September release


Next: Thursday 9 October tagging, Tuesday 15 October release


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