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Schedules/KDE4/4.8 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.8 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Kate Part Line modification system
DONE Kate Part Modeline Editor
DONE Kate Part Reliable code folding
DONE Kate Part Improved vi input mode
IN PROGRESS KIO PreviewJob supports URLs
IN PROGRESS kdeui KSecretsService API addition
IN PROGRESS kdeui/util Connect KWallet class to KSecretsService client API
IN PROGRESS kcookiejar New domain specific cookie policy based on patch provided in bug#54300


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS ksecretsserviced KSecretsService daemon implementing the freedesktop.org secrets API. KDE applications will want to use the related kdelibs API (see below)

IN PROGRESS DrKonqi Better duplicate detection
IN PROGRESS KIO Thumbnails webthumbnails plugin
IN PROGRESS DrKonqi Scripting support
IN PROGRESS Plasma Plasma QML QtComponents


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KWin Activity switcher Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Activity UI improvements Will Stephenson <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KWin Take over screensaver/locking management from KRunner
DONE KCM make mouse cursor size configurable (http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/101701/)
DONE powerdevil Remove Desktop Effects Management
DONE powerdevil Allow static profiles only
DONE powerdevil Allow activity interaction
DONE Plasma Add MPRIS2 support to nowplaying
IN PROGRESS Plasma Allow task grouping on the taskbar to work together with kwin window tabbing
IN PROGRESS Plasma Merge the QML version of the device notifier
IN PROGRESS Plasma Merge the QML version of the battery applet
DONE KWin QML based Window switcher (Tabbox)
IN PROGRESS KWin Texture Rectangle ARB support in Shaders
IN PROGRESS KWin No Compositor restart on screen change
IN PROGRESS KWin Initial Wayland support
DONE KWin Support for thumbnails in QML
DONE KWin Add AnimationEffect class
IN PROGRESS KWin Option to prefer the mouse position over the focus chain
DONE KWin More cleanup in the window rules kcm
IN PROGRESS KWin Trade 1 frame lag for deterministic framerate
IN PROGRESS KWin Improved resizing of windows with thin or no borders
IN PROGRESS KWin Move Workspace's compositing functionality to own class Compositor
IN PROGRESS KWin Introduce class DecorationPaintRedirector for decoration handling when Compositing is active
IN PROGRESS Screenlocker New Screenlocker and daemon
DONE Plasma Merge IconTask's taskmanager changes
DONE KCM Allow flag and label in keyboard layout indicator
IN PROGRESS KSplash QML based ksplash


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Dolphin Implement new view-engine for Dolphin 2.0 (see http://ppenz.blogspot.com/2011/08/introducing-dolphin-20.html and http://ppenz.blogspot.com/2012/01/dolphin-20-status-update.html)
TO DO Dolphin Implement support for back/forward mouse buttons (Postponed to 4.9) Sebastian Dörner <[email protected]>
DONE Kate Search & Replace in files plugin
IN PROGRESS Kate Make GDB target selection behave like the build plugin
IN PROGRESS Kate Add convenience options for remote debugging
DONE Settings Improve proxy configuration dialog


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KTouch New organisation of keyboard and lecture files according to languages
IN PROGRESS KTouch New organisation of menu system: Training, Statistic, Settings
TO DO KTouch End of lecture statistics Rüthemann Peter <[email protected]>
DONE Rocs Alignment Actions to minimize crossing graph edges
TO DO Rocs Project Files to combine graphs and algorithms Andreas Cord-Landwehr <[email protected]>
DONE Rocs Context menu for graph scene
DONE Rocs Resurrect import-/export-features
DONE Rocs User Interface Cleanup
DONE Cantor Add Qalculate backend
DONE Cantor Add Scilab backend
DONE Marble Marble Runner plugins for Parsing files
DONE Marble (GSoC) OSM file rendering
DONE Marble Marble Graphics Scene (Performance of Vector Drawing)
DONE Marble Gps Info Plugin
DONE Marble Improve LatLonEdit to allow input as Radian and DM
IN PROGRESS Marble Marble Touch (GSoC, Marble on MeeGo/N9)
DONE Marble Routing API
IN PROGRESS Marble Adjustable Map Orientation (Rotation in Screen Plane)
DONE Marble Speedometer Plugin
DONE Marble Plasma Runner for geo coords and Marble bookmarks
DONE Marble Make bookmark editor support editing the lonlat coordinates
DONE Marble Fix GeoDataCoordinates parsing from a QString
DONE Marble OsmNominatim improved display
TO DO Marble Create New Marble About Dialog Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Add Float Item Management Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble New Search Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Make API more QML-friendly
DONE KTurtle Add modulo command
DONE KGeography Merge stuff from the cherry_field branch


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Libkdegames Improve graphics performance in all games by standardizing on the use of Qt Raster Graphics.
DONE KSudoku Add a new generator and solver to KSudoku, based on published algorithms. This will provide a full range of puzzle difficulties, rather than mainly easy puzzles, and will address bug 217925 and its duplicates 228614 and 237262 (now nearly two years old).
DONE KSudoku Re-implement the puzzle-symmetry feature.
DONE KSudoku Re-order the puzzle types on the welcome screen. Use KDE Games Difficulty combo-box instead of a slider. Save user's choices of puzzle between sessions. Do minor tidy-ups of the user interface.
DONE KGoldrunner Add the championship level "Gold Rush" game, with Traditional rules, contributed by Gabriel Miltschitzky.
DONE KGoldrunner Add the championship level "Jail Break" game, with KGoldrunner rules, contributed by Gabriel Miltschitzky.
DONE KiGo Fix drawing of lines, making sure all lines have the same width.
DONE KiGo Add a new plain theme.


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Okular Reset Form Action support
DONE Okular Viewer Mode & Interface.
DONE Okular Table selection tool improvements
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Animated image transitions


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO JuK MPRIS2 support Alex Merry <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KGet Better interaction for torrents if they are seeding and other downloads stopped because of that
IN PROGRESS KGet Class that handles deleting files
IN PROGRESS Kopete Akonadi History Plugin


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO attachment:/ kio-slave Implement kio-slave to access (email) attachments in Akonadi Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>

IN PROGRESS KAlarm Port to Akonadi

TO DO sieve: implement wizard Implement wizard to help user to create sieve script Montel Laurent <[email protected]>

DONE HTML Replies Give messagecomposer (especially for KMail) the ability to compose replies in HTML

IN PROGRESS KMail import KMail1 setup import instead of migration

IN PROGRESS Agent control workspace integration Monitoring and control of Akonadi agents through Plasma workspace facilitites


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Kimpanel Port kimpanel to DataEngine based one
DONE IconTasks Import IconTasks


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Okteta Add Flags Datatype to structures tool
DONE dolphin-plugins Mercurial plugin for Dolphin
DONE KCachegrind Upgrade interface to Callgrind (use callgrind_control instead of writing a command file, for > VG 3.7.x)
DONE Umbrello Add code import wizard


Status Project Description Contact
DONE ark Allow Ark to be used as a KPart again
IN PROGRESS ksecrets A suite of tools related to the KSecretsService infrastructure

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