Schedules/KDE4/4.7 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.7 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KLocale Number grouping support

DONE KLocale Narrow date name format support

DONE KLocale Week Numbers support

DONE kdecore/io/klockfile For 4.7.1: Implement locking on non-NFS systems using O_EXCL. Good for VFAT, CFIS and other filesystems, as it makes KConfig work and thus many KDE Applications. Details in #203554. Conducted by KDAB and Intevation; funded by IT Services of ETH Zurich.

IN PROGRESS KLocale Windows Backend

IN PROGRESS kdeui New date/time edit widgets from kdepim

IN PROGRESS KHelpMenu Fast action searching

IN PROGRESS KFilePlaces Activity-specific Places

IN PROGRESS KCookieJar Storing cookies in KWallet


TO DO KHTML Accessibility improvements Maksim Orlovich <[email protected]>

TO DO Nepomuk Query term class to query graph meta data Sebastian Trueg <[email protected]>

TO DO Plasma Preconfigurable plasmoids David Palacio <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Dolphin Support Fwd/Back Mouse Buttons Sebastian Dörner <[email protected]>
DONE Dolphin Polish the default user interface to minimize visual clutter (see
DONE Dolphin Improve user interface for searching files and metadata
TO DO Settings Improve proxy configuration dialog Dawit Alemayehu <[email protected]>

IN PROGRESS Locale KCM Support for Number Grouping, Windows Backend, Country Subdivsions

IN PROGRESS nspluginviewer npruntime support improvements

TO DO Dolphin Popup menu for advanced queries on the metadata display Sebastian Trueg <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kio_sftp async download support
IN PROGRESS Locale definition files Migrate Country and Currency Codes to xml/po formats, re-arrange l10n files including settings and flags, add Subdivision code files.

TO DO kio-upnp-ms Merge from playground ( into kde-runtime Nikhil Marathe <[email protected]>
DONE network:/ kio-slave port to Cagibi 0.2
DONE Nepomuk Datamanagement Service Merge it into the master branch
DONE Port Strigi Service to DMS The Strigi Service needs to use the DMS API

DONE Nepomuk KCM to manage the removable storages to index


Status Project Description Contact
DONE System Settings/keyboard Allow a shortcut per keyboard layout (bug 224489)
DONE System Settings/keyboard Session management for keyboard layouts (bug 52095, 174948)
DONE klipper Support qrcode as well as datamatrix for mobile barcodes
DONE weather Support debian weather
DONE Oxygen Various widgets polishing (scrollbars, progressbars, sliders, toolbuttons, menu and menubar selection, etc.)
DONE Oxygen Implement kwin's new shadow system for menus, drop-downlists, etc.
IN PROGRESS Plasma Clock/Calendar improve usability, settings, akonadi and holiday data. See Plasma wiki.

DONE Plasma Desktop launch krunner when the user starts typing

DONE KDM GRUB2 support for KDM (see

DONE Compositor OpenGL 2.x/OpenGL ES 2.0 compositing backend (see
DONE Compositor New Shadow System (see
DONE Effects Effect to render outlines
DONE Decorations Do not require a decoration
IN PROGRESS Core Export most recently used windows to an X property
IN PROGRESS BoxSwitch Effect Animated Selection (see
IN PROGRESS libkwineffects API cleanup
TO DO libkwineffects JavaScript bindings for writing Effects Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Mouse Emulation Better accessibility support in mouse emulation
DONE kwin Add multi head support
IN PROGRESS kwin DBusMenu in Windeco
DONE ksplashx Add multi head support
TO DO krunner Add multi head support Alberto Mattea <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS kwinrules kcm UI cleanup (see
IN PROGRESS kwincompositing kcm Rearm unsafe OpenGL precheck (see
IN PROGRESS PresentWindows Effect Better highlight indication & close button handling)
IN PROGRESS general Remove jargon from user interface. Remove all instances of Akonadi/Nepomuk related jargon from the desktop, replace with meaningful text where needed.


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Marble Bookmark Manager
DONE Marble QML Bindings: GPS Tracking
DONE Marble Offline Address Search
DONE Marble Support monav version 0.3
DONE Marble Polish the Map Wizard: simpler UI, comprehensive validation of user input immediately on each page
IN PROGRESS Marble Reduce memory footprint of cached tiles
TO DO Marble Separate thread for tile loading and texture blending (not texture mapping at the moment) for more smooth browsing Jens-Michael Hoffmann, Bernhard Beschow <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Tile loading "read ahead" when idle, prerequisite: threaded tile loading Jens-Michael Hoffmann <[email protected]>
DONE Marble Multi threaded texture mapping
TO DO Marble Implement mouse cursor wrapping a la Okular or Gwenview Bernhard Beschow <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Manipulate Gps track data
IN PROGRESS Cantor Integrate the Qalculate backend
DONE Kalzium Use KUnitConversion for all the Unit handling
DONE KTurtle Add getdirection command

TO DO KTurtle Add modulo command Niels Slot <[email protected]>
DONE Step Copy-and-Paste of items
DONE Step Zoom on mouse wheel
DONE Step Automatic expanding canvas
IN PROGRESS Rocs Auto - Handling of the Canvas
DONE Rocs Remove the thread for QtConcurrent on he core
IN PROGRESS Rocs Polish the User Interface
DONE Rocs New Plugin for Automaticaly Graph Generation
IN PROGRESS Rocs Bugfixes in the List Plugin
IN PROGRESS Rocs Speedup in the drawing code
IN PROGRESS Rocs Kalgebra backend
DONE Rocs Transform graph edges plugin
DONE Rocs Assign values to edges/nodes plugin
DONE Kalzium Titration calculator
IN PROGRESS KStars SQLite Database of NGC Objects


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KAlarm Port to Akonadi
DONE KAlarm Allow reminders after the main alarm
DONE KAlarm Provide wake-from-suspend option for alarms

IN PROGRESS KHolidays Add support for Holiday Types and Observance Types

DONE Akonadi-contacts/kaddressbook Show 2d barcodes of contact data


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Adjustable Clock Plasmoid for displaying date and time in very customizable way
IN PROGRESS Comic Plasmoid Support random comic strips
DONE Comic Plasmoid Support creation of comic Comic Book Archive files
DONE Comic Plasmoid Highlight comics that have a new comic strip
TO DO Events Runner Support parsing weekdays (e.g. "in next monday" Alexey Noskov <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KTeaTime Port to KStatusNotifierItem
IN PROGRESS KTeaTime New svg based status icons
IN PROGRESS KTeaTime Support categories
TO DO KTeaTime Improved command line Stefan Böhmann <[email protected]>
TO DO KTeaTime Tea runner Stefan Böhmann <[email protected]>
TO DO KTeaTime Port to KConfigXT Stefan Böhmann <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Lokalize Remote translation memories
IN PROGRESS Lokalize QA: translation checks against user-specified regex-based rules
TO DO Lokalize Integrate snowball stemmer for glossary Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize Continue implementing XLIFF spec Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize Segmentation [editing] functionality Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected] >
TO DO Lokalize Integrate with nepomuk (fast stats retrieval, tag cloud - incl sharing!) Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize loading compressed files and then saving them back in the original compression format (bug 65518) Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Okteta Properly support strings (various Unicode encodings) in structures tool
TO DO Okteta Add custom datatypes to structures tool Alex Richardson <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Okteta Add tool to convert between char encodings
IN PROGRESS Umbrello QDockWidget based interface
IN PROGRESS Umbrello KDE4 icon theme and eye candies
TO DO Umbrello Replace the current code viewer with katepart Emmanuel Lepage Vallee <[email protected]>
DONE Umbrello Add a zoom widget in the statusbar
DONE Kate Add a new search in files plugin


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KBreakout Level editor
IN PROGRESS KBreakout Load levelset option + 2 new levelsets
TO DO KBreakout Port to QGraphicsView Julian Helfferich <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KPat Create new saved game format that stores undo/redo history
IN PROGRESS libtagaro Move first version into the kdegames module
TO DO libtagaro Use the new library: at least in Granatier and Kolf (to replace existing static source copies) and KDiamond Stefan Majewsky <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Palapeli Cleanup interface
DONE Palapeli Reduce memory consumption for big puzzles
IN PROGRESS all games Add useful fullscreen mode + option to switch between fullscreen/window


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KGet Working Mms plugin
IN PROGRESS KGet Support for connection limit to servers


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Okular Directory support in Comic Book Generator
IN PROGRESS Okular 7zip support in Comic Book Generator
DONE libksane Enable gui less operation
DONE libksane Add a way to get scanner device list
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Compare mode
TO DO Gwenview Merge "Semantic Information" and "Meta Information" sidebar groups Aurélien Gâteau <[email protected]>

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