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{{FeatureInProgress|Marble|Manipulate Gps track data|[email protected]|Thibaut Gridel}}
{{FeatureInProgress|Marble|Manipulate Gps track data|[email protected]|Thibaut Gridel}}
= kdenetwork  =
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! Status
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! Contact
{{FeatureInProgress|Kopete|CMCC Fetion protocol plugin|shuizhuyuanluo在126点com|Ni Hui}}

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This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.7 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Marble Routing API Dennis Nienhüser <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Separate thread for tile loading and texture blending (not texture mapping at the moment) for more smooth browsing Jens-Michael Hoffmann <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Tile loading "read ahead" when idle, prerequisite: threaded tile loading Jens-Michael Hoffmann <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Multi threaded texture mapping Jens-Michael Hoffmann <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Manipulate Gps track data

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