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Schedules/KDE4/4.4 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the 4.4 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
DONE kttsd Clean up kttsd by making it a simple wrapper around speech-dispatcher


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO system-config-printer-kde Restore feature parity with KDEPrint3 where possible.


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Konqueror Improvements in session-management Eduardo Robles Elvira <[email protected]>
TO DO Konqueror Improvements in tab-bar widget Eduardo Robles Elvira <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Konqueror New Konqueror bookmarks using Akonadi and Nepomuk, awesome bar
IN PROGRESS Konqueror Sidebar cleanups; re-introducing the history module
DONE Dolphin

Version control integration

DONE Dolphin Improved search bar including search configuration
DONE DolphinPart Remember the Details View expansion state in the DolphinPart
DONE DolphinPart Restore the "Edit->Selection" menu that was in Konqueror 3
DONE Dolphin Open URL in a new tab if the Back, Forward or Up button in the toolbar is middle-clicked
DONE Dolphin Clickable tags and other resources in the metadata view: tags for example are opened as search folders in the same Dolphin window


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KWallet Single Sign On using PAM Michael Leupold <[email protected]>
TO DO network kioslave Backend for UPnP Friedrich Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO network kioslave Backend for LISa Friedrich Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO network kioslave Backend for SMB Friedrich Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO network kioslave Integrate with remote and zeroconf kioslaves Friedrich Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Locale KCM Add support for new KLocale features (see kdelibs section) including Digit Groups, AM/PM, etc. Improvements to usability of existing money display options. John Layt <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Oxygen Animated Add smooth animations and transitions (e.g. on hover, when switching tabs, etc.) to the oxygen widget style.
DONE smb kioslave add kwallet support
DONE Nepomuk Remove the ontologies and make kdebase depend on the upcoming shared-ontologies package
DONE Nepomuk Integrate removable storage service to handle mounting/unmounting of removable devices and allow searching of files on non-mounted media. The user will be asked to insert the medium in question in case it is not mounted.
DONE Nepomuk New timeline KIO slave which allows to browse files by modification date in case the Nepomuk Strigi service is running.
DONE Nepomuk Give better user feedback if Nepomuk could not be initialized.
DONE Locale KCM Add support for new KLocale Currency Code and Decimal Places options (see kdelibs/klocale section).
DONE Device Automounting Add support for storage device automounting
DONE Nepomuk Port Nepomuk to Virtuoso: query service, strigi service: better performance especially when searching.
DONE thumbnail kioslave Support for comic-book cover previews (.cbr, .cbz, .cbt files)
DONE Nepomuk Add nepomuk kio slave which handles all stating of Nepomuk resources. It can even display a small HTML page for non-file resources.
DONE thumbnail kioslave Support for rotated jpegs


Status Project Description Contact
Non-Plasma, Non-KWin
TO DO Icons KCM More configurable icon sizes Christoph Feck <[email protected]>
TO DO Fonts KCM More configurable fonts Christoph Feck <[email protected]>
TO DO Solid Improve SolidBluetooth stack, make it more stable and robust (test+fixes only) Alex Fiestas <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Date/Time KCM Plasma themed clock
IN PROGRESS System Setitngs Reorganize modules
IN PROGRESS Mouse KCM XInput2 support
IN PROGRESS Attica KCM Initial import
IN PROGRESS Solid::Control network environment tracking Access a high level view of wireless networks by interface, testing in playground
DONE System Activity Add scripting support
DONE Solid RemoteControl Manager/Interface + Lirc backend
DONE System Activity KAuth integration
DONE System Settings Improve module appearance for Icons View and provide searching hints
DONE Font Installer KCM Use PolicyKit for installing system-wide fonts
DONE Font Installer KCM When multiple fonts are selected, use a list style preview of all selected fonts
DONE KRunner Solid device runner
DONE KRunner Manage actions in default interface
DONE KRunner Single runner mode
DONE KRunner Window management runner
DONE KRunner Add Firefox support to the bookmark runner
Plasma - Priority Features
DONE netbook shell a plasma shell and various containments/applets tailored for netbooks (tech preview status in 4.4)

TO DO systemtray visual connection between notifications and new protocol systray icons Marco Martin <[email protected]>
TO DO libplasma Plasmoid Cloning - because having to set things up from scratch repeatedly gets old fast Chani <[email protected]>
TO DO taskbar "other desktops" group - I may not have time for this, feel free to take it Chani <[email protected]>
TO DO accounts applet a plasma widget that is a central place to add accounts to social sites like identica and opendesktop, optimized for the netbook shell Marco Martin <[email protected]>
TO DO libplasma Improvements to Calendar/Clock widgets. Improved config ui. Allow multiple holidays on same day. Allow multiple Holiday Regions. Weekends. etc. John Layt <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Quicklaunch Plasmoid new icon size/rows config ui
IN PROGRESS Plasma Weather Ion New Weather Ion for the wetter.com data source provider
IN PROGRESS Plasma Animator Create new Plasma::Animator API based on Qt 4.6 Kinetic
IN PROGRESS Plasma KineticScrolling Port KineticScrolling to Qt 4.6 Kinetic
IN PROGRESS Plasma-Netbook Animated Layouts Create Animated Layouts to SAL and NewsPaper
IN PROGRESS libplasma Show the PopupApplet's BusyWidget inside the popup
IN PROGRESS Widgets Explorer New widgets explorer
IN PROGRESS Widgets Explorer Install widgets from file, Google Gadgets and GHNS
IN PROGRESS Notification queueing
IN PROGRESS Trust Levels package signing and verification
IN PROGRESS JS plasmoid improvements Animations, KIO and QFile bindings; latter two by security policy
IN PROGRESS Kiosk improvements
IN PROGRESS Activity Bar
DONE folderview Hover action icons in the icon view
DONE folderview Hover animations
DONE libplasma/kwin slide animation for popups done by kwin
DONE System tray Plasmoid support in the system tray
DONE System tray config ui to decide between always shown, always hidden and auto hide for each systray item
DONE Window List A new plasmoid to show list of opened windows
DONE Device Notifier show the device actions inside the plasmoid, show the fixed devices too, other improvements
DONE Color Wallpaper Plugin add support for gradients
DONE libplasma better text box look with new svg elements
DONE systemtray Make possible to browse old notifications by application name (this actually replaced the above feature)
DONE libplasma Show Holiday and Holiday Region in Clock Tooltip.
DONE libplasma Allow user to choose Calendar System to be displayed in Calendar and Clock widgets
DONE knowledge base plasmoid new plasmoid: Opendesktop.org knowledgebase client
DONE opendesktop plasmoid show friends activity
DONE Plasma Addon Battery popup layout improvements
DONE Plasma Mouse Plugins UI Yet Another UI Redesign
KWin - Core
IN PROGRESS KWin Window tiling
IN PROGRESS KWin Support for new EWMH hints
DONE KWin Quick window maximization and tiling by dragging windows to the edge of the screen
DONE KWin Improved virtual desktop KCM
DONE KWin Improved window switcher (Alt+Tab)
DONE KWin SVG based window decoration theme engine (Aurorae)
DONE KWin Merged Ozone and Nitrogen window decorations into Oxygen
DONE KWin Window tabbing

KWin - Desktop Effects
DONE KWin Mouse action support in Present Windows effect
DONE KWin New present windows mode to only display windows from a single application
DONE KWin Improved flip switch effect
DONE KWin Improved logout blur effect



Status Project Description Contact
TO DO pykde4 Python 3 support for PyKDE4 Simon Edwards <[email protected]>
DONE qyoto Replace the current C# cmake macros with more sophisticated ones that also work on windows.
IN PROGRESS qyoto Create a new generator for the C# assemblies


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KStars Display Comet Magnitudes whenever possible Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Information links in-place for each technical term Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Tool to suggest star-hopping techniques??? Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Extend conjunction tool to have one object unspecified, but have a genre of objects specified instead Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Simulate Lunar Eclipses Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Simulate Satellites and Iridium Flares Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Social and Geographical Integration for KStars Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Marble widget for Geolocation tool Médéric Boquien <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Better printed star charts Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Better rendering of comets/asteroids Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Texture mapping of the skymap??? Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Add proper support for GPX waypoints, tracks and routes display Anders Lund <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Export map to MxN pixel bitmap Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Support for MarbleWidget::setEnabled( bool ) Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Map Contents translation Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
TO DO Kalzium Port Kalzium to use QGV based periodic table widget Marcus D. Hanwell <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kalzium Remove libavogadro snapshot, port to use system libavogadro
IN PROGRESS Marble Add "download region" feature
IN PROGRESS Marble Editing Tools
IN PROGRESS Marble UI Simplification
IN PROGRESS Marble Custom Layouts
IN PROGRESS Marble Discrete Zoom Levels
IN PROGRESS Marble Performance Improvements
IN PROGRESS Marble KML Improvements
IN PROGRESS Marble Sky Mode
IN PROGRESS Marble Measure Tool Plugin
IN PROGRESS Marble Settings for plugins
IN PROGRESS Marble Kinetic Scrolling
IN PROGRESS Marble Optimized 2D Mode
IN PROGRESS Marble Bookmarks
IN PROGRESS Marble Time KML support
IN PROGRESS Marble Editing GeoDataFeatures
DONE Marble Update Map ("F5")
IN PROGRESS Marble Layer Management Class
IN PROGRESS Marble Plugin architecture for map layers
IN PROGRESS Marble Extending GeoPainter
IN PROGRESS Marble Marble Runners
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoClue Integration
IN PROGRESS Marble Routing
IN PROGRESS Marble More map providers (WMS?)
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoData Model/View rework
DONE KAlgebra KAlgebra backend for Cantor
DONE KAlgebra Support for lists
DONE KAlgebra Improved MathML Presentation support
DONE KAlgebra Added 2D parametric function plotting
DONE KAlgebra Improved jump detections
DONE KAlgebra Made lambda expressions more usable
DONE KStars Improve Observing List Wizard
DONE KStars A rather sophisticated Observation Plan Manager
DONE KTurtle Add F2 context help
DONE KTurtle Add SVG export for the canvas
DONE KTurtle Add HTML export of the code
DONE KTurtle Add printing support for the canvas
DONE Cantor Import to kdeedu
DONE Rocs Import to kdeedu
DONE KTouch Update the "Colemak" keyboad layout and training lecture


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KBreakOut Level Sets Fela Winkelmolen <[email protected]>
TO DO KBreakOut Sound Fela Winkelmolen <[email protected]>
TO DO KDiamond Refactor Board and Diamond classes Stefan Majewsky <[email protected]>
TO DO Kolf Replace with Kolf 2 (help on coding, artwork and level design desired) >>delayed to KDE 4.5<< Stefan Majewsky <[email protected]>
TO DO KsirK rewrite AI code or at least correct most problems related in bug #170777. Volunteers wanted! Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KsirK Boost playing over Jabber Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KSquares Re-write computer player, make it act faster and more intelligent Eckhart Wörner <[email protected]>
TO DO KSquares Add more types of boards: hexagonal, triangular Eckhart Wörner <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Import new engine Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Port game to new engine Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Adapt view to show information provided by engine Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Add new actions to GUI Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO Granatier Arena Editor Mathias Kraus <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kigo Allow arbitrary jumps in the undo/redo history
IN PROGRESS Kigo New Go game for KDE 4
IN PROGRESS Gluon release first gluon lib with one game. [1]
IN PROGRESS Granatier Implement all Bonuses from the default theme
IN PROGRESS KsirK Polish the skin editor (doc, contextual help, ...)
DONE KAtomic Level Sets
DONE Bovo Highlight the last move to be easier to spot
DONE Bovo Enable undo after the game has ended, to be able to correct a fatal mis-click
DONE Granatier New Bomberman like game for KDE 4
DONE Granatier Sidebar with informations regarding the players, like bonuses, handicaps ...
DONE Granatier Add support for a background
DONE Granatier Replace Phonon with QtMultimedia for better sound
DONE KBreakOut Improved keyboard support
DONE KBreakOut Fullscreen support
DONE KDiamond Improve time display
DONE KGoldrunner Add Mazes game (37 levels), contributed by Steve Mann.
DONE Killbots Add a new game type parameter to make fast enemies a bit more intelligent.
DONE KsirK Previous/Next in start new game as described in bug #170774
DONE Kigo Fix smaller issues with KNS2
DONE Kigo Improve final score visuals
DONE Kigo Beautify the default theme
DONE KPat Large internal code cleanup. Lots of small annoyances fixed.
DONE KPat Port animations to Qt Kinetic for significant performance improvements
DONE Palapeli New puzzle game for KDE SC 4


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO libkdcraw Make color management options more flexible Marcel Wiesweg <[email protected]>
TO DO libksane Improve auto-selection Kåre Särs <[email protected]>
TO DO gwenview Show Nepomuk info in image meta info Aurelien Gateau <[email protected]>
TO DO gwenview Persistent changes Aurelien Gateau <[email protected]>
DONE gwenview Folder thumbnails
DONE gwenview Rework start page
DONE gwenview Implement picture importer
DONE gwenview New save-as behavior (go to saved as document)
DONE libksane External API for handling selections
DONE libksane Add basic twain support on Windows
DONE libksane External API for specifying preview resolution
DONE libkexiv2 Store metadata in libexiv2 containers, do not lossily encode to QByteArray. Bug 183171
DONE libkexiv2 Expose exiv2 API for accessing embedded previews in RAW files.


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO katepart Add visual block mode and make the basic commands support it Erlend Hamberg <ehambergαgmail.com>
TO DO kdeui API to integrate KStatusNotifierItem and KNotification: both as class api and DBus specification API Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
TO DO KCalendarSystem Add new astronomical calculation support classes to be used in kdelibs to build new astronomically based calendar systems, and in kdepim to build new version of libkholiday. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KCalendarSystem Add new calendar systems: Bahaii, Coptic, Ethiopean, Chinese, Japanese, Buddhist, etc. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO kdecore Group policy (Windows) backend for KAuth Dario Freddi <[email protected]>
TO DO KDEPrint If no file printing support in Qt4.5, migrate FilePrinter class from Okular to enable file printing for all apps via QPrinter. To be discussed on k-c-d first. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KDEPrint Add framework for standard actions for 'Send to...' for e-mail, fax, etc by printing to PDF/PS. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO kdeui Implement caps-lock warning for password entry widgets Michael Leupold <[email protected]>
TO DO kio Better file information in file conflict dialog Todd <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement support for number grouping other than thousands using LC_NUMERIC and LC_MONETARY formats, e.g. India 00 00 000 and China 0000 0000. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Add configuration for AM/PM symbols. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Full POSIX compliant format support for date, time, numbers and money. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement more 'named' date/time formats, e.g. ISO, UnixTimestamp, RFC3339, etc. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Add Full date format in addition to existing short and long. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Add default colour to optionally display negative numbers. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement separate backends for each supported platform/desktop to use platform localisation in place of KDE locale. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement support for additional Country Code standards: ISO Alpha 3, ISO Numeric 3, FIPS-10. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement support for Country Code sub-regions, i.e. States/Provinces/etc. Needed for new KHolidays. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO kdeui Improvements to KDatePicker/KDateTable for feature parity with Plasma Calendar widget, i.e. holiday support, select calendar system, etc. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO kdeui DBus interface in StatusNotifierItem to connect it with freedesktop notifications instances Marco Martin <[email protected]>
TO DO Khtml Improvements in kwallet integration Eduardo Robles Elvira <[email protected]>
TO DO Khtml Basic audio/video tag support Michael Howell and Germain Garand <[email protected]>
TO DO Khtml Implement more of DOM3's CSSOM View module Germain Garand <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS kdecore Move event-filter installation out of KApplication and into a new class
IN PROGRESS kdeui Support floating point font sizes
IN PROGRESS kdeui Finish the time chooser widget
IN PROGRESS kio Limit number of connections per host (per application), add job priorities
IN PROGRESS kio Support for automatically renaming conflicting files during copy and move operations
IN PROGRESS kio Remember downloads via Nepomuk
IN PROGRESS buildsystem Modular build of KDE modules
IN PROGRESS katepart Improve katepart Vim mode.
IN PROGRESS kfile Make status of file I/O display on file/folder icons("progress in icons").
IN PROGRESS katepart Factor out a generic high-level search class from the search bar. To be used by the VI input mode.
DONE knewstuff Introduce binary incompatible knewstuff library (as knewstuff3, keeping knewstuff2 as well) which can talk directly to open desktop services via libattica
DONE kdecore Polkit-1 backend for KAuth
DONE KLocale Implement ISO 4217 Currency Code support (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217).
DONE KLocale Separate numeric decimal places and monetary decimal places.
DONE katepart Add mapping support for the vi input mode's normal mode
DONE katepart Support byte-order mark in unicode files
DONE katepart Enable command line scripting again
DONE katepart Improve TemplateInterface, i.e. snippet support
DONE katepart Add interface to access highlighting information, port html-export plugin
DONE katepart push improved AutoBrace plugin to kdelibs
DONE KCalendarSystem Add new calendar systems: Indian Civil (Saka), Pure Julian, Pure Gregorian, Ethiopian, Coptic.
DONE KDEPrint Add Odd/Even page selection and server-side page selection when using CUPS.
DONE nepomuk Get libnepomukquery into kdelibs
DONE webkit Move KDE integration of QtWebKit into kdelibs (but not KPart!)
DONE katepart Implement on-the-fly spell checking for arbitrary documents.
DONE nepomuk Add const versions of the accessor methods to the Nepomuk::Types classes
DONE kdeui Finalize the api for the new systemtray: KStatusNotifierItem


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KMix Amend Keyboard Shortcuts Christian Esken <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Remove Qt/KDE3 support lib requirements -- will move to KDE 4.5 feature plan Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Allow setting covers directly from URLs supported by KIO - drag/drop already allows this however -- will move to KDE 4.5 feature plan Michael Pyne <mpyne.org>
IN PROGRESS KMix Allow arbitrary ordering of controls
IN PROGRESS KMix Add WhatsThis help on controls (Bug 70042)
IN PROGRESS KMix Generic per-App volume tab ( pulse,phonon,oss4)
DONE KMix Nicer OSD (icon, mute state)
DONE JuK Allow disabling crossfade
DONE JuK Add support for MP4 and ASF files (when present in Taglib). Patch taken from Kubuntu patchset, thanks to Kubuntu devs and Jeff Mitchell.


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Kopete UPnp Support Matt Rogers <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Jabber Jingle video support Detlev Casanova <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Jabber Jingle ICE support Detlev Casanova <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Add support for urls to Bonjour plugin Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Rich text support for ICQ Roman Jarosz <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KGet Support for custom NewTransferDialog in BTPlugin
IN PROGRESS Kopete Contacts plasmoid
IN PROGRESS Kopete Telepathy protocol plugin
IN PROGRESS Kopete Telepathy Tubes Desktop Sharing plugin
IN PROGRESS Kopete Akonadi Logger(modify the history plugin)
IN PROGRESS Krfb Telepathy Tubes support
IN PROGRESS Krfb Core restructuring
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Account Management KCM
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Mission Control launcher KDED
DONE Kopete Create avatars from a webcam device
DONE Krdc Redesigned workflow to create a new connection
DONE Krdc Telepathy Tubes support
DONE Krdc Full Screen Switching
DONE KGet Support for verifying signed files
DONE KGet Verification of downloads using checksums
DONE KGet Downloading checksums for downloads
DONE KGet Repairing broken downloads
DONE KGet Moving and renaming files while downloading
DONE KGet Adding mirrors to downloads while downloading
DONE KGet Changing the number of connections per mirror of downloads while downloading
DONE KGet Assistant to create Metalinks


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KJots Port to Akonadi
IN PROGRESS KJots Port to Grantlee for theming support
IN PROGRESS Akregator Port to use KNotificationItem
DONE KMail Archiving function for mails
DONE KMail Clean up UI for aggregation and theme settings
DONE KMail Improve recipient picker
DONE KMail Allow to search by tag and to use filters for adding tags
DONE KMail Port addressbook-related functions to Akonadi
DONE KMail Make the HTML status bar clickable
DONE KMail Add a context menu entry for mailing lists to the message viewer
DONE KMail When switching identities in the composer, switch the template too
DONE KMail Ask for the transport to use when dealing with an invitation
DONE KMail Make the To and CC fields expandable/collapseable in the fancy header style
DONE KMail Support inline images in signatures
DONE KMail Add a SIGNATURE command for templates
DONE KMail Use passive popups for error messages while checking for mail
DONE KAlarm Provide audio-only alarms
DONE KAddressbook Completely new KAddressbook based on Akonadi
DONE Akonadi POP3 Resource for Akonadi


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO knowledgebase port knowledgebase plasmoid to new engine Eckhart Wörner <[email protected]>
TO DO knowledgebase Add categories Eckhart Wörner <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS opendesktop Add messaging
IN PROGRESS opendesktop Add friendship management
IN PROGRESS ocs engine Add possibility to use different providers, use attica from kdesupport
IN PROGRESS opendesktop port opendesktop plasmoid to new engine and rename accordingly
IN PROGRESS opendesktop activities port opendesktop activities plasmoid to new engine and rename accordingly
IN PROGRESS microblogging new appearance and new twitter api pieces support
DONE plasmaboard Added a virtual keyboard plasmoid for touchscreen users
DONE FifteenPuzzle Made it work with multiple rows and cols
DONE Qalculate A new advanced calculator plasmoid
DONE KDE Observatory A new plasmoid for visualizing KDE projects status (commits, commiters, bugs, krazy status, etc)
DONE Spell Check A new plasmoid for fast spell checking
DONE Project Silk generic Mediawiki KRunner
DONE Project Silk Webslice Plasmoid, qgraphicswidget
DONE Solid Network Manager Plasmoid


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Lokalize Integrate snowball stemmer for glossary Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize Continue implementing XLIFF spec Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize Segmentation [editing] functionality Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected] >
TO DO Lokalize Remote translation memories Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Lokalize Integrate with nepomuk (fast stats retrieval, tag cloud - incl sharing!) Nick Shaforostoff <[email protected]>
TO DO Kate Replace old snippet plugin through TNG plugin Joseph Wenninger <jowenn(you_know)kde(here_too)org>
TO DO Kate Integreate GHNS into snippets TNG Joseph Wenninger <jowenn(you_know)kde(here_too)org>
IN PROGRESS Kate Refactor parts from snippets TNG plugin into a common library for use by the plugin and for use in kdevelop
DONE Kate Add common vim commands like :wq, :new, :bp/bn, etc.


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Ark Add an options dialog (maybe) Harald Hvaal <[email protected]>
TO DO Ark Support for custom options from the compression interface (eg. a slider for selecting compression level for rar files) Harald Hvaal <[email protected]>
TO DO Ark Add feedback for the latest operation in the status bar Raphael Kubo da Costa <[email protected]>
TO DO Ark Add feedback for the latest operation in the status bar Raphael Kubo da Costa <[email protected]>
TO DO Ark Try multiple plugins for each archive type before failing Raphael Kubo da Costa <[email protected]>
TO DO Ark Make the internal previewer optional Raphael Kubo da Costa <[email protected]>
TO DO KGpg Make keyserver actions possible to use on multiple keyservers at once Rolf Eike Beer <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add Kate-like search tool Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add support for import by drop, both url and data Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta copy again puts also a value or char variant of the data to clipboard Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add support for memory mapping of files and 64-bit addressing Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add further export formats like s-record and intel 16 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add support for jobs like io, printing, string search or filter Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Add Okular like embedded notifications Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Store bookmarks and other view settings for next load Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Add global toggle option for the offset display, hex or decimal Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add QIODevice for AbstractByteArrayModel and make mimetype detection use this instead of only filename Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Add Kate-like combined dialogs to query for actions on files Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Improve the titels of the changes to the bytearray to be more descriptive, best using ids to avoid text string Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Merge row and column widgets into one Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Refactor mouse input to controllers for the bytearray widget Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Add a general KPart adapter to Kasten, than finish port of Okteta KPart to Okteta Kasten Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta Make all user interaction in the KastenCore managers plugin-based Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO printer-applet Restore feature parity with KDEPrint3 where possible.
TO DO kdelirc Cycle mode function Frank Scheffold <[email protected]>
TO DO kdelirc Add a try button in configurations Michael Zanetti <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KGpg Add "caff" mode for keysigning
IN PROGRESS Okteta Add tool to view decoding of complex structures
IN PROGRESS kdelirc Integrate solid backend into kdelirc frontend
DONE kdelirc Communicate to lirc through solid
DONE KGpg Add improved key import result window (with useful summary, filtering, reasonable default size etc.)
DONE KGpg Make generating a key a KJob so it get's better notification support
DONE Okteta Rename libkakao to Kasten and make the Okteta KPart use it
DONE Okteta Add embedded dialog to set selection range
DONE Okteta Add Base64 encoder
DONE Okteta Added data generators, like pattern, sequence or from clipboard
DONE Okteta Added option to split views
DONE Okteta Add marking of bytearray section to widgets, so tools like strings or pod decoder can mark the source, instead of selecting it
DONE Okteta add editing capability to Decoding table
DONE Okteta Make dialogs for Goto and Select embedded
DONE Okteta Store bookmarks
DONE Okteta Add UTF-8 option to bytearray lineedit


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kdesupport Add libattica to kdesupport
DONE Solid KNetworkManager

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