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Schedules/KDE4/4.3 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the 4.3 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Akonadi Various Akonadi related items can be found here http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/Akonadi#Scheduled_for_KDE_4.3_.2F_Akonadi_1.2 Akonadi Developers <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KPackageKit Pushing in KPackageKit (dependant on PolicyKit integration)


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KLocale Investigate adding Currency Code and currency minor units support based on ISO 4217 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217). John Layt <[email protected]>
DONE kdecore Thread safety in ksycoca (KService, KMimeType etc.)
TO DO kdecore Dynamic allocation of KDebug areas David Faure <faure:AT:kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Sonnet Implement language detection
IN PROGRESS Sonnet Integrate language detection with spellchecking
TO DO Sonnet Integrate language detection with strigi Jakub Stachowski <[email protected]>
TO DO Sonnet Grammar checking (at least for English) Jakub Stachowski <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS kio Move KTcpSocket to kio and make it public; some cleanup required
TO DO KCalendarSystem Add new astronomical calculation support classes to be used in kdelibs to build new astronomically based calendar systems, and in kdepim to build new version of libkholiday. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KCalendarSystem Add new calendar systems: Indian Civil (Saka), Ethiopean, Chinese, Pure Julian, Pure Gregorian, etc. John Layt <[email protected]>
DONE KDateTime Provide simulation of system date/time for application testing.
TO DO KDEPrint If no file printing support in Qt4.5, migrate FilePrinter class from Okular to enable file printing for all apps via QPrinter. To be discussed on k-c-d first. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KDEPrint Add framework for standard actions for 'Send to...' for e-mail, fax, etc by printing to PDF/PS. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO kdeui entries to help menu and aboutdata pointing to UserBase entry and forum.kde.org Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO kdesu Classes to help kde-apps open ports in the local firewall (via IPTables/IPFW, etc...) Tejas Dinkar <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS katepart Key mapping support for the vi input mode
TO DO katepart Blockwise visual mode for the vi input mode Erlend Hamberg <ehamberg-hjå-gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS katepart Improve text objects in the vi input mode
TO DO katepart Save registers and marks from the vi input mode Erlend Hamberg <ehamberg-hjå-gmail.com>


IN PROGRESS kdeui Provide a class for detecting modifier keystrokes and locked key states
IN PROGRESS khtml CSS3 Web Fonts
TO DO khtml support more properties from CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders module Fredrik Höglund and/or Germain Garand <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS khtml support more properties from CSS3 Text module
IN PROGRESS solid Smart card reader support
TO DO KEmoticons emit a signal when the emoticon theme is changed Carlo Segato <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Per-language number formats, and exposing them to modification by user. Chusslove Illich <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KLocale Extension of date formats to cover many resolutions (month-year, day-month, etc.)
DONE kfile KDirSortFilterProxyModel: make it possible to not always sort folders first
TO DO buildsystem Add support for crosscompiling Alexander Neundorf <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS buildsystem Add support for building parts of modules separately
IN PROGRESS webkit Move KDE integration of QtWebKit into kdelibs (but not KPart!)
TO DO Nepomuk New Resource URI schema for Files (to better handle removable storage (parts in KDE Base) Daniel Winter <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
Non-Plasma, Non-KWin
TO DO Kxkb Support for languages in keyboard layout descriptions Andriy Rysin <rysin:AT:kde.org>
DONE PolicyKit integration Import PolicyKit-KDE from extragear
DONE Solid Actions KCM Import Solid actions KControl module from playground
IN PROGRESS KControl4 Import refactor of systemsettings with Tree and Icon view support
DONE KSysguard Added GetHotNewStuff support
IN PROGRESS KActiveEdges Split active screen edges from KWin
DONE Solid Wicd Engine Import Solid Wicd engine from github/playground
DONE Klipper Made klipper automatically find possible actions based on filename copied to clipboard
DONE Klipper Improved action adding/editing workflow by implementing a special dialog for editing a certain action
TO DO Klipper Make action popup unobtrusive by showing menu only when user clicks an icon in systray. Icon itself should change to indicate availability of some actions on current clipboard Dmitry Suzdalev <[email protected]>
TO DO Font Installer KCM Use PolicyKit for installtion of system-wide fonts. Craig Drummond <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Font Settings KCM Improved GUI for configuring anti-aliasing settings

IN PROGRESS Nepomuk/Location Runners Open with and service menu actions
TO DO KRunner Simple adaptive search Ryan Bitanga <[email protected]>

Plasma - Priority Features
TO DO Now Playing data engine Support for MPD Alex Merry <kde:AT:randomguy3.me.uk>
TO DO Now Playing applet Better design in panels Alex Merry <kde:AT:randomguy3.me.uk>
DONE Classic Menu Launcher Allow to configure what submenus should be displayed
DONE Classic Menu Launcher Allow to change the displayed icon
DONE Classic Menu Launcher Optional recently used applications and System Settings menu
DONE Classic Menu Launcher KDE3-like menu titles
DONE Classic Menu Launcher Context menu for menu items
IN PROGRESS Reusable video widget A widget in libplasma that can play video and audio
IN PROGRESS Message box A message box shown as an overlay over plasmoids
TO DO Panel spacers A way to add/manage spacers directly from the panel controller Marco Martin <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Systemtray protocol New systemtray protocol beginnings: daemon and systemtray widget part
IN PROGRESS Default theme Air: new default Plasma theme
IN PROGRESS screensaver security constraints
DONE keyboard shortcuts configuration
TO DO icon plasmoid make it suck less Chani <[email protected]>
DONE desktop make a plasmoid when I paste stuff
DONE extenders Add grouping support to extenders
DONE systemtray Group multiple jobs and notifications
DONE systemtray Job completed notifications, providing an sensible action ('open file' etc)
IN PROGRESS Kickoff Add multiple columns support to Kickoff
DONE folderview Show tooltips with large previews and file metadata when hovering icons
DONE folderview Show a popup view with the folder contents when hovering a folder in the icon view
DONE folderview Add menu items to the context menu for showing the applet browser, adding panels, locking the screen, logging out etc.
DONE folderview Add menu items to the drop menu for creating applets and setting the wallpaper
DONE folderview Optionally show the window list menu when middle clicking the containment
DONE folderview Implement support for keyboard navigation
TO DO folderview Accessing sub folders as sub menus in the popup view when the applet is on the panel Fredrik Höglund <[email protected]>
TO DO folderview Offer to create applets based on the mimetype when pasting URL's in the containment Fredrik Höglund <[email protected]>
DONE virus wallpaper Move from playground to kdeplasma-addons and port to the new plasma::wallpaper
DONE Plasma Add press-down feedback to folderview
DONE Time DataEngine Integrate solar position dataengine to time dataengine
TO DO Time DataEngine Moon position/phase data Petri Damstén <[email protected]>
DONE Akonadi DataEngine Move Akonadi dataengine to kdeplasma-addons
DONE Social Desktop Plasmoid Plasmoid displaying contacts via OpenDesktop
IN PROGRESS Knowledge base Plasmoid Plasmoid for searching and dispaying results from Open Collaboration Services / OpenDesktop
TO DO Tool tips Extend tool tips API Michał Dutkiewicz <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Theme System Better fallback mechanisms for transparent panels/dialogs without composition
DONE Plasmaclock library Context menu for fast copying date and time strings to clipboard
IN PROGRESS Plasmaclock/Calendar Display various information on the calendar using kholiday/akonadi

KWin - Core
TO DO KWin Redesign KWin system settings GUI Lucas Murray <[email protected]>
DONE KWin ARGB support for decorations
TO DO KWin Window docking/quick tiling Lucas Murray <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Internal desktop layout/pager support Lucas Murray <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Non-composited Present Windows Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
DONE KWin Tabbox improvements
TO DO KWin/Plasma Toggle Compositing Plasmoid Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
KWin - Desktop Effects
TO DO KWin Expand present windows into other effects (E.g. Desktop Grid) Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin OpenGL 3 compatible Shaders Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
DONE KWin Improved cube reflection
TO DO KWin Add and remove desktops in grid effect Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Desktop Thumnails in Pager Tooltips Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Slide In/Out effect Eike Hein <[email protected]>
DONE KWin Fade desktop effect (Desktop switcher)
DONE KWin Highlight window effect
DONE KWin SlideBack effect
TO DO KDM Plasma wallpaper Davide Bettio <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Buildsystem Require OpenLDAP (coordinate with the Windows team) Allen Winter <[email protected]>
DONE Buildsystem Require Cyrus-SASL (coordinate with the Windows team)
TO DO libkleopatraclient New interface library for kleopatra uiserver clients Marc Mutz <[email protected]>
DONE pimtextedit New library around text edits, to provide support for inline images in the signature editor, among others


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Kopete UPnp Support
DONE Kopete Updated contact list interface (uses Qt 4 rather than Qt 3)
TO DO Kopete Update Kopete to better support Decibel Kopete Developers <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Jabber Jingle video support Detlev Casanova <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Jabber Jingle ICE support Detlev Casanova <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Contacts plasmoid
TO DO Kopete Rich text support for ICQ Roman Jarosz <[email protected]>
TO DO Kopete Add support for urls to Bonjour plugin Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KGet MultiSource-Downloading
TO DO KGet Support mms://-protocol, see https://launchpad.net/libmms Lukas Appelhans <[email protected]>
TO DO KGet MLDonkey-Plugin based on libkmldonkey Lukas Appelhans <[email protected]>
TO DO KGet Advanced Details Lukas Appelhans <[email protected]>
TO DO KRDC Minimal-clutter mode to optimize screen real estate usage Guillaume Pothier <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Telepathy-specification compliant Account Manager using KWallet to store account data
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Account Editing UI for Telepathy
IN PROGRESS Plasma Network Manager Applet


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Akonadi Migration of contacts and calendar data from KResource to Akonadi (Details)
IN PROGRESS Akregator Support for syncing the feed list with Google Reader
DONE KAlarm Add export of alarms to a new calendar file
DONE KAlarm Allow configuration of default deferral time interval
DONE KAlarm Accept drag-and-drop of Todo entries to create a new alarm
DONE KAlarm Show command execution error indication in alarm list
DONE KAlarm Add option to spread alarm windows across screen
DONE Akonadi Google calendar and contacts resource
TO DO KAlarm Port to Akonadi David Jarvie <[email protected]>
TO DO KBlogger KBlogger, a blogging application Christian Weilbach <[email protected]>
TO DO KBlogger Port to use KRichTextEdit (Or KMEditor) Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KContactManager A new Akonadi-based address book to replace KAddressbook
IN PROGRESS Kjots Create and port to akonadi model.
TO DO Kjots Add support for nepomuk including tagging, possibly storage, and linking. Also a nepomuk tag proxy model for representing the structure as tagged. Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kjots Create plasmoid capable of showing the entire tree, or a single book.
TO DO Kjots Email KJots pages using default mail client (Bug #124509. Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kleopatra OpenPGP support
DONE KMail Add support for HTML images
TO DO KMail Use asynchronous Kleo Marc Mutz <[email protected]>
TO DO KMail Save metadata about attachments to Nepomuk when saving them Ismail Onur Filiz <[email protected]>
TO DO KNode Port to use KRichTextEdit (Or KMEditor) Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
TO DO Kontact Support for Kontact wide profiles Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
TO DO Kontact Tip-of-the-Day summary Daniel Molkentin <[email protected]>
TO DO KOrganizer Support for extended free-busy lists Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KPilot Port old conduits to new base conduit architecture and KDE4/Qt4
IN PROGRESS KPilot Finish Keyring conduit, base conduit code and test cases, category syncing


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO printer-applet Restore feature parity with KDEPrint3 where possible. John Layt <[email protected]>
DONE Okteta Add hash calculator tool
DONE Okteta Show tooltip over bookmarks
DONE Okteta Add filesystem browser tool
DONE Okteta Add loaded documents tool
DONE Okteta Add bookmark managing tool
DONE Okteta Show selection range in status bar
TO DO kwalletmanager Move kwalletmanager to the Model/View architecture and redesign the UI. Michael Leupold <[email protected]>
DONE kdelirc Bring back kdelirc, the KDE frontend to the Linux Infrared Control system
DONE ark Improve support for pure gzip and bzip2 files (read only)
DONE ark Finish cliinterface
DONE ark Add lots of more meaningful error messages
DONE ark Add support for zip archives (cli-based, ie. info-zip)
DONE ark Make the mimetype selection dialog more user-friendly
DONE ark Make the file list obey KDE's mouse settings
DONE ark Add support for ACE archives
DONE KGpg Port to new systray framework
TO DO KGpg Clean up editor GUI and classes Rolf Eike Beer <[email protected]>
TO DO KGpg Make keyserver operations more flexible Rolf Eike Beer <[email protected]>
DONE KGpg Port key importing to be a transaction
DONE KGpg Port keyserver query to be a transaction
DONE KGpg Make "import key" also work with keyservers
DONE KGpg Integrate solid to know when a online action (e.g. keyserver query) does not make sense
IN PROGRESS KTimer Redesign UI
TO DO KTimer Add hours and seconds to counter A. L. Spehr <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
DONE libkdegames Convert old PNG based card decks to SVG, using embedded bitmaps were full vectorisation isn't possible.
DONE KGoldrunner Add Curse of the Mummy game (20 levels), contributed by Steve Mann.
DONE KGoldrunner Major rewrite, mainly of the game engine and editor.
DONE KGoldrunner More accurate and reliable pause and resume.
TO DO KGoldrunner Save and reload at any instant in a game. Ian Wadham <[email protected]>
DONE KGoldrunner Record and replay games.
DONE KGoldrunner Run demos ... especially at startup or as hints for difficult levels.
TO DO KGoldrunner Hot-new-stuff support for themes and game sets. Ian Wadham <[email protected]>
TO DO KGoldrunner Integration of the Scavenger game (180 new levels) and its rule-set. This would also involve allowing different grid dimensions for different games, as a feature of the new game engine. Ian Wadham <[email protected]>
TO DO KGoldrunner Better support for beginners, such as graphical cues for false bricks and hidden ladders, extra messages with "don't tell me this again", etc. Ian Wadham <[email protected]>
DONE Killbots Add a "vaporizer" action, similar to the "sonic screwdriver" found in Daleks.
TO DO Kolf Replace with Kolf 2 (please help!) Stefan Majewsky <[email protected]>
DONE KPatience Add a command line switch to manually launch a game of a certain type.
DONE KPatience Add an option to save the game state at shutdown to be automatically be restored on next run.
DONE KPatience Add the ability to return to the game selection screen after selecting a game.
DONE KPatience Add "Draw", "Deal" and "Redeal" actions to those game types that support such methods of bring new cards into play.
TO DO KsirK rewrite AI code or at least correct most problems related in bug #170777. Volunteers wanted! Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KsirK Previous/Next in start new game as described in bug #170774 Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KsirK Polish the skin editor (doc, contextual help, ...) Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KsirK Boost playing over Jabber Gaël de Chalendar <[email protected]>
TO DO KSpaceDuel rewrite AI code Dirk Rathlev <[email protected]>
DONE KTron Port and remake the KTron game for KDE 4.3
TO DO KSudoku Import the new logic engine as a library Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Port KSudoku to the new engine Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
TO DO KSudoku Add interactive help Johannes Bergmeier <[email protected]>
DONE Bovo Add new AI
DONE Bovo Computer thinking doesn't block the GUI
TO DO libkdegames Import KGGZ libraries from GGZ SVN Josef Spillner <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS libkmahjongg Introduce new tileset, Bamboo.
DONE KMahjongg Add 70 additional levels contributed by users
TO DO KMahjongg Add start page with level selection at kde.org Mauricio Piacentini <piacentini at kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KGrubEditor Integrate KGrubEditor into KDE Admin http://sourceforge.net/projects/kgrubeditor. Approved by Nicolas Ternisien <[email protected]> Konstantinos Smanis <[email protected]_dot_com>
TO DO Guidance Port Guidance to KDE 4, and move it to KDE Admin http://www.simonzone.com/software/guidance/. Nicolas Ternisien <[email protected]>
TO DO system-config-printer-kde Restore feature parity with KDEPrint3 where possible. john Layt, Jonathan Riddell <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Lokalize XLIFF support
IN PROGRESS Lokalize various Translation Memory enhancements
IN PROGRESS Lokalize Kross-based scripting
TO DO Lokalize QA: glossary checklists Nick Shaforostoff <shafff-at-ukr.net>
TO DO KAppTemplate Add DBUS support in templates Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
DONE Umbrello Replace all q3 widgets in the refactoring assistant
IN PROGRESS Umbrello Merge in SoC qgraphicsview port branch


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KAlgebra Export to MathML Presentation Markup Aleix Pol <[email protected]>
TO DO KAlgebra Some integration with the new KFormula widget Aleix Pol <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KAlgebra Add ability to draw 3D plots in cylindrical and spherical coordinates.
TO DO Kalzium Port Kalzium's periodic table to use new QGraphicsView. Marcus D. Hanwell <[email protected]>
TO DO Kalzium Separate compound viewer/editor application from Kalzium. Marcus D. Hanwell <[email protected]>
TO DO Kalzium Remove the libavogadro snapshot, depend on libavogadro directly. Benoit Jacob <[email protected]>
TO DO Kalzium Plasmoid to access Kalzium database Carsten Niehaus <[email protected]>
TO DO KEduca Rewrite of the classic test writing/taking application Matt Williams <[email protected]>
TO DO KHangMan Integrate an editor Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KHangMan Plasmoid Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KHangMan Theme manager Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Properties dialog for objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve construction of bisect lines. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve feedback when constructing objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig More geometric objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Script objects as macros (to be reused more than once). Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve the Cabri import filter. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve the new/edit script wizard. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO KLettres Visual Indicator when letter is wrong Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KLettres Number support Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KLettres Theme manager Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Marble widget for Geolocation tool Médéric Boquien <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Better printed star charts Jason Harris <[email protected]>
DONE KStars Sync KStars time from device
TO DO KStars Better rendering of comets/asteroids Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Texture mapping of the skymap??? Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Improve Observing List Wizard Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Display Comet Magnitudes whenever possible Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Information links in-place for each technical term Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Tool to suggest star-hopping techniques??? Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Extend conjunction tool to have one object unspecified, but have a genre of objects specified instead Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Extend conjunction tool to predict oppositions and occultations Prakash Mohan <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Simulate Lunar Eclipses Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Simulate Satellites and Iridium Flares Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Social and Geographical Integration for KStars Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Merge SAC with NGC / IC as default catalog Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KTurtle Optional rulers/grid for canvas units Mauricio Piacentini <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Export map to MxN pixel bitmap Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Bookmarks
IN PROGRESS Marble Planet Filter
IN PROGRESS Marble Time KML support
TO DO Marble Support for MarbleWidget::setEnabled( bool ) Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Map Contents translation Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Editing GeoDataFeatures Eckhart Wörner <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Update Map ("F5") Jens-Michael Hoffmann <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Layer Management Class
IN PROGRESS Marble Plugin architecture for map layers
IN PROGRESS Marble Extending GeoPainter
IN PROGRESS Marble Marble Runners
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoClue Integration
IN PROGRESS Marble Routing
IN PROGRESS Marble More map providers (WMS?)
IN PROGRESS Marble Winkel Triple projection / equivalent
IN PROGRESS Marble Marble WorldClock Plasmoid
DONE Marble Qt-Version settings dialog
IN PROGRESS Marble Panoramio Support
IN PROGRESS Marble Twitter Plugin
IN PROGRESS Marble TimeZone Support
DONE Marble Support for other planets and the moon
DONE Marble DGML2 Support
DONE Marble Support for imperial units
DONE Marble Graticule plugin
IN PROGRESS Marble MeasureTool plugin
DONE Marble Port authors list from the Qt-About dialog to the KDE-About dialog
IN PROGRESS Marble Basic KML support
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoData Model/View Visualization
IN PROGRESS Marble More generic projection support
IN PROGRESS Marble Network plugins
DONE Marble Geolocation plugins
IN PROGRESS Parley Declensions
TO DO Step Improve GUI for creating softbody Vladimir Kuznetsov <[email protected]>
TO DO Step Use common constraints handling code for collisions Vladimir Kuznetsov <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO JuK Remove Qt/KDE3 support lib requirements Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Allow setting covers directly from URLs supported by KIO - drag/drop already allows this however Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
DONE JuK Use XCOMPOSITE real transparency when available for the track announcement popup
TO DO JuK Allow disabling crossfade Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KMix Allow arbitrary ordering of controls
TO DO KMix Nicer OSD (icon, mute state) Christian Esken <[email protected]>
TO DO KMix Amend Keyboard Shortcuts Christian Esken <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Okular Generator for Mobipocket format
DONE strigi Thumbnailer and analyzer for Mobipocket format
DONE strigi Analyzer for epub format
TO DO Okular Sound annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Link annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Caret annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Support .snp and .emf file formats Brad Hards <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Synctex support. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Rich-text for annotations text. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO kruler More ruler shapes. Mathias Soeken <msoeken_at_tzi_dot_de>
DONE kruler Configurable shortcuts.
TO DO kruler DBUS Interface. Mathias Soeken <msoeken_at_tzi_dot_de>
DONE kruler Transparent background and opaque drawing of the lines and numbers (Qt 4.5).
IN PROGRESS gwenview Folder view.
IN PROGRESS gwenview Make thumbnail bar more customizable (orientation, number of rows/columns).
IN PROGRESS gwenview Add back video support.
IN PROGRESS gwenview Improve history handling.
DONE libksane Add "Auto selection" after preview.
IN PROGRESS Okular Less intrusive search with find bar.
TO DO Okular Better detection of where the Okular KPart is embedded into, and adapt the UI accordingly (sidebar, actions, etc). Pino Toscano <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE drkonqi DrKonqi new dialog UI + Guided crash reporting tool
DONE drkonqi Backtrace parsing and rating
DONE drkonqi DrKonqi native english texts + guide
DONE kpasswdserver Fix D-Bus timeout in kpasswdserver using an async API
DONE network:/ KIOSlave Move to kdebase/runtime


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS konq_thumbnails Basic thumbnail support for KHTMLPart views(almost finished, now cleanup code)
TO DO konq_thumbnails thumbnail support for all KonqFrame Siyuan Cao <[email protected]>
TO DO konq_thumbnails more thumbnail page styles and customization Siyuan Cao <[email protected]>
TO DO konqueror "Places" sidebar to replace KDE3's "media:/" Simon St James <kdedevel_at_etotheipiplusone_dot_com>
TO DO konqueror Move Dolphin's Treeview to libkonq so that it can be used in Konqueror Simon St James <kdedevel_at_etotheipiplusone_dot_com>
TO DO konqueror Move Dolphin's Information panel to libkonq so that it can be used in Konqueror Simon St James <kdedevel_at_etotheipiplusone_dot_com>
IN PROGRESS dolphin Matthias's Audio/ Video preview in Information panel
TO DO dolphin Allow to configure and download service menus Peter Penz <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS dolphin Nepomuk search integration
IN PROGRESS dolphin Use Nepomuk to receive the meta data for the Information panel
DONE dolphin Let user choose if folders are always shown first or not
IN PROGRESS konsole Get a working DBus interface
TO DO konsole Redesign manage profile dialog to allow users to sort profiles Kurt Hindenburg <[email protected]>
TO DO konsole Allow window/terminal size to be set in profiles Kurt Hindenburg <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS libkonq Add support in for pluginbased Drag'n'drop popup menus (and in my case, an "extract here" menu on dragged archives)
IN PROGRESS konqueror History browser as independent from sidebar, and improved (different grouping style, sorting, etc).


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Video Plasmoid a media player widget complete with a basic dbus interface
DONE System Load Viewer A tiny monitor for CPU, RAM and swap usage (known as System Monitor in KDE3)
DONE Comic Plasmoid Clean up the config-dialog
TO DO Comic Plasmoid Port to popup applet Matthias Fuchs <[email protected]>
DONE PoTD Engine Import PoTD engine - is in kdereview
DONE Metadata Engine Import Metadata engine - is in kdereview
TO DO Frame Plasmoid Display Picture Metadata Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO Frame Plasmoid Add url as setting Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO Frame Plasmoid Add buttons Next/Previous/pause in slideshow mode Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
DONE wallpapers Mandelbrot fractal wallpaper plugin
IN PROGRESS Weather Wallpaper Add user-defined wallpapers
IN PROGRESS wallpapers Marble desktop globe wallpaper
TO DO FileWatcher Highlighting support Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
TO DO Now Playing New widget UI Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
TO DO Life Colors Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
TO DO Life Fading Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Timer Restore countdown after a shutdown
IN PROGRESS Timer Improved notifications
DONE Timer Hide seconds
TO DO Unit converter Improved widget UI Davide Bettio <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS plasmaweather lib Make plasmaweather library and use it in lcd weather, weather and weather wallpaper
DONE LCD Weather Tooltip


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IN PROGRESS screensavers port to wallpaper packages

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