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Schedules/KDE4/4.2 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the 4.2 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO System Settings add Administrator mode button Alessandro Diaferia <[email protected]>
DONE Eigen Make Eigen 2 ready for KDE, and move it to kdesupport
IN PROGRESS Eigen Port all Eigen-using code in KDE and KOffice to Eigen 2.0


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kross Extend QtScript integration.
IN PROGRESS KDEPrint Reintroduce KDEPrint in some form, depending on what Qt4.4 delivers.
TO DO KDEPrint Add framework for standard actions for 'Send to...' for e-mail, fax, etc by printing to PDF/PS. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KDEPrint Migrate FilePrinter class from Okular to enable file printing for all apps via QPrinter, modify to utilise new Qt4.4 features. To be discussed on k-c-d first. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KCalenderSystem Add new calendar systems: Indian Civil (Saka), Ethiopean, Chinese, Pure Julian, Pure Gregorian. (Note, not all may live in kdelibs or be available as a global calendar system) John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO KLocale Implement KLocale based methods to return weekend days and day of religious observance. Currently KCalendarSystem provides dayOfPray(), but for Gregorian this is not correct in all locales where it is used. Currently KDatePicker hardcodes Saturday and dayOfPray() as weekend days which may not be correct in all locales. To be discussed first on k-c-d and with kdepim. John Layt <[email protected]>
TO DO Phonon add Port class for fine grained control over data flow between Phonon objects Matthias Kretz <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Phonon make AbstractMediaStream/StreamInterface threadsafe
IN PROGRESS Phonon "low-level" PCM I/O with at least an ALSA implementation
IN PROGRESS Phonon VideoWidget snapshot function
IN PROGRESS KConfig API review and export KConfigBackend
IN PROGRESS KConfig Make KConfigSkeleton KConfigGroup aware
IN PROGRESS KConfig Make KConfigDialog work nicer with KConfigSkeleton + manually managed widgets
DONE KUrlNavigator Provide an option to always show the full path in the breadcrumb mode.
IN PROGRESS Katepart Make a Vi input mode for Katepart
TO DO KIO::Global Make KDynamicJobTracker do the checking if the kuiserver service is registered or not, for full implementation of "Progress in the same window" Rafael Fernández López <[email protected]>
TO DO KJS Further performance improvements, in particular variable access (Blizzard stage 2), and calling convention (FrostByte stage 2) Maksim Orlovich <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KJS and KHTML Support for transparent reindenting of standalone sources in debugger, debug info management improvements
IN PROGRESS KHTML SVG support in KHTML (port from WebKit)
IN PROGRESS KHTML Use of IDString (hashed strings) for local names, prefixes and namespaces in DOM core instead of document-related ids, in particular for better API compatibility with WebCore
TO DO KHTML Scriptable extension plug-ins Harri <[email protected]>
DONE kwallet Move kwalletd to kdebase-runtime
DONE i18n proper filenames decoding for FAT mounting, in KUrls and content-disposition
DONE Kross expose KAssistantDialog as part of forms module


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Color KCM Add 'smart setting' of extended colors Matthew Woehlke <[email protected]>
TO DO Color KCM Add KDE3 scheme import Matthew Woehlke <[email protected]>
TO DO Color KCM Query kwin for supported colors; add full set of kwin colors Matthew Woehlke <[email protected]>
TO DO KDEPrint reintroduce KDEPrint Print Management tools, e.g. KCM, kprinter, kjobviewer, etc. Depends upon progress of kdelibs side of KDEPrint and Qt4.4 feature set. john Layt <[email protected]>
DONE Power Manager import PowerDevil
IN PROGRESS Krunner Configuration options for blacklisting, user ranking, runner ranking, learning
IN PROGRESS Krunner SearchMatch configuration
TO DO Krunner Simple learning Jordi Polo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Simple GUI for above options Jordi Polo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Runners able to share parsing Jordi Polo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Noun-Verb support Ryan P. Bitanga <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Implement Nuno's UI polishings Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Runtime syntax documentation Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Runner configuration Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Krunner Search set paging Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO KRunner runner for the plasma dbus interface Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
DONE KRunner Konqueror history runner
IN PROGRESS KRunner Kate sessions runner
IN PROGRESS KRunner Recent Documents runner
Plasma - Priority Features
TO DO Plasma Welcome plasmoid Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Plasma JOLIE Integration
IN PROGRESS Plasma Notification plasmoid
IN PROGRESS Plasma Kuiserver plasmoid
TO DO KWin Make it possible to focus plasma panels Chani <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma panel->desktop dragging Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Expand cashew to full action bar when zoomed out Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Plasmagik packaging (and package classes)
IN PROGRESS Plasma Networkmanager Plasmoid and DataEngine
IN PROGRESS Plasma New ECMA Script Scriptengines
DONE Plasma Extenders
DONE Plasma Wallpaper plugins
DONE Plasma Separate Desktop Settings from DesktopContainment
TO DO Plasma Script Security Framework Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Python support
DONE Plasma Plasma Popup Tips
DONE Plasma Collapsing Applet convenience class

IN PROGRESS Plasma Taskbar grouping
IN PROGRESS Plasma Weather plasmoid
IN PROGRESS Plasma Small Form Factors
DONE Plasma Plasma On Screensaver
IN PROGRESS Plasma Website update
IN PROGRESS Plasma Grid applet
IN PROGRESS Plasma Techbase Tutorials
TO DO Plasma Context menu plugins Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Add New Widgets: Pluggable widget browser Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Activity<->Virtual Desktop Affinity Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Optional Per-Virtual Desktop DesktopView Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Make non-SVG painting in Plasma low-color and non-anim friendly Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Runtime DataEngine documentation (sources, usage, etc) Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
DONE Plasma Panel Autohide
TO DO Plasma Keyboard Shortcut Config UI Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Systray++ Spec Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
DONE Plasma Save icon positioning in folderview
TO DO Plasma New wallpapers Riccardo Iaconelli <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Import Raptor Riccardo Iaconelli <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Preserve wallpaper choice by copying user paper to home dir Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma New way of handling wallpapers and different sizes (package format, and so on...) Riccardo Iaconelli <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma Top-level windows plasmoids Riccardo Iaconelli <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma drop indicator in panel Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma improve usability of appletbrowser delete button Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma adding containments from the appletbrowser (and remove the "add panel" from DefaultDeskrop) Aaron Seigo <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma highlight the applet with active keyboard shortcuts Chani <[email protected]>
TO DO Plasma dbus interface Chani <[email protected]>
DONE Plasma make the panel controller a bit more usable
DONE Plasma nicely draw the desktop toolbox when it's moved because of a panel
DONE Plasma theme Plasma::PushButton with svg
DONE Plasma Tabbar widget derived from QTabBar and themed with svg
IN PROGRESS Plasma Complete the panel size sliders feature: an applet can ask the panel to resize
IN PROGRESS Plasma New theming capabilities by expanding the lower level theming classes (Theme and PanelSvg)
IN PROGRESS Plasma Wallpaper plugin: Mandelbrot fractal explorer
DONE Plasma Google Gadgets support
TO DO Plasma Add Google Gadgets from Internet through AppletBrowser Tiger Dong <[email protected]>
KWin - Core
DONE KWin New window snapping zones; screen center and window corners
DONE KWin Move maximized windows between Xinerama screens
IN PROGRESS KWin Basic window tiling
IN PROGRESS KWin Compositing decoration API additions
KWin - Desktop Effects
IN PROGRESS KWin Compositing self-check
DONE KWin Global animation speed setting
DONE KWin Motion dynamics
IN PROGRESS KWin New shadow handling by decorations
DONE KWin Improved UI for selecting window/desktop switcher
TO DO KWin UI for assigning effects to screen edges Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
DONE KWin Cube/Cylinder/Sphere Effect
DONE KWin Magic Lamp minimize Effect
DONE KWin Animation in BoxSwitch Effect
TO DO KWin Mouse interaction for CoverSwitch Effect Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Additional thumbnails for CoverSwitch Effect Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
TO DO KWin Improved Snow Effect; different sizes, better randomness and different directions Martin Gräßlin <[email protected]>
DONE KWin Improved desktop grid
DONE KWin New present window layout modes
DONE KWin Invert only selected windows
IN PROGRESS KWin Improved mouse mark/scribble effect


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KCal Library Make the KCal library dependent on the external libical package (from freeassocation) rather than our own old, forked version.


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Kopete MSNP15 implementation for MSN
IN PROGRESS Kopete UPnp Support
IN PROGRESS Kopete Updated contact list interface (uses Qt 4 rather than Qt 3)
TO DO Kopete Update Kopete to better support Decibel Kopete Developers <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Contacts plasmoid
DONE Kopete Move file transfer request into chat window
IN PROGRESS Kopete Message delivery notifications
TO DO Kopete Improve file transfer progress dialog Roman Jarosz <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KGet MultiSource-Downloading
IN PROGRESS KGet Support mms://-protocol, see https://launchpad.net/libmms
TO DO KGet MLDonkey-Plugin based on libkmldonkey Lukas Appelhans <[email protected]>
TO DO KGet Advanced Details Lukas Appelhans <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Network Manager Applet
DONE KRDC Greatly improve experience for LDAP (e.g. MS Active Directory) administrators
DONE KRDC Improve per-host settings (remember scaling mode and other options)
TO DO KRDC Minimal-clutter mode to optimize screen real estate usage Guillaume Pothier <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KonsoleKalendar Add an option to support resources that might need a GUI (i.e. all resources)
IN PROGRESS Akregator Support for syncing the feed list with Google Reader
IN PROGRESS KAlarm Improve alarm edit and preferences dialog layouts
IN PROGRESS KAlarm Add holidays support
IN PROGRESS Kleopatra OpenPGP support
IN PROGRESS KNotes Zeroconf support for sending notes on LAN
DONE Kontact New Planner summary; combines Appointment+To-do+SpecialDates into 1 pretty summary
IN PROGRESS KPilot Finish Keyring conduit, base conduit code and test cases, category syncing
TO DO Akregator Basic support for enclosures (Displaying links, mimetype and size) Frank Osterfeld <[email protected]>
TO DO KBlogger KBlogger, a blogging application [mailto: [email protected] Christian Weilbach < [email protected]>]
TO DO Kleopatra Konqueror and Dolphin Kleopatra plugins Marc Mutz (Gpg4win) <[email protected]>
DONE KMail Aggregated attachment view in the mail header area of the reader window
TO DO KMail Merge the new message list from the SoC branch Thomas McGuire <[email protected]>
TO DO Kontact Support for Kontact wide profiles Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
TO DO KOrganizer Drag and drop in the free-busy view Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
TO DO KOrganizer Support for comments in replies to invitations Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
TO DO KOrganizer Support for extended free-busy lists Kolab Konsortium <[email protected]>
TO DO KPilot Port old conduits to new base conduit architecture and KDE4/Qt4 Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper <[email protected]>
TO DO KBlogger Port to use KRichTextEdit (Or KMEditor) Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
TO DO KNode Port to use KRichTextEdit (Or KMEditor) Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>

TO DO Kjots Import notes from KNotes as KJots pages. Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
TO DO Kjots Email KJots pages using default mail client (Bug #124509. Stephen Kelly <[email protected]>
TO DO Kontact Tip-of-the-Day summary Daniel Molkentin <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Okteta add Kate-like search tool Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta refactor KByteArrayView Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add support for memory mapping of files Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta parameter dialog for "Copy as..." Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
TO DO Okteta add support for jobs like io, printing, string search or filter Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Ark Implement proper drag/drop between Ark/dolphin
IN PROGRESS Ark Make the service menu work (possibly doing it as a KonqPopupPlugin
IN PROGRESS Ark Proper password support
TO DO Ark Support for custom options from the compression interface (eg. a slider for selecting compression level for rar files) Harald Hvaal <harald((at))stud(dot)ntnu.no>
TO DO Ark Add an options dialog (maybe) Harald Hvaal <harald((at))stud(dot)ntnu.no>
IN PROGRESS kwalletmanager Move kwalletmanager to the Model/View architecture and redesign the UI


Status Project Description Contact
DONE krosspython and krossruby Support custom types via handlers
DONE krosspython and krossruby Support QList<CustomType*> constructs
IN PROGRESS Smoke Wrap some more APIs (at least Akanodi for all languages and Plasma for C#)
IN PROGRESS PyKDE KCM support and other plugins
TO DO krossjava Integrate into e.g. SuperKaramba and fix issues that show up. Sebastian Sauer <[email protected]>
TO DO krossjava Documentation++ Sebastian Sauer <[email protected]>
TO DO krossfalcon Unittests++ Sebastian Sauer <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS libkdegames New highscore management system
DONE kdiamond Drag jewels
TO DO kdiamond Optional OpenGL rendering Stefan Majewsky <[email protected]>
DONE ksirk Map scrolling arrows
DONE ksirk KHotNewStuff skins
IN PROGRESS ksirk Jabber based net game finding
DONE ksirk Use only names in skins instead of numeric ids
DONE ksirk Skins editor
IN PROGRESS ktron Port and remake the KTron game for KDE 4.2
TO DO KNetWalk Support for custom and non-square board sizes Fela Winkelmolen <[email protected]>
TO DO KGoldrunner Improvement to sound support and themes <[email protected]>
TO DO KBlocks Support for sounds Mauricio Piacentini <[email protected]>
TO DO KMahjongg Support for sounds Mauricio Piacentini <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Killbots New app for 4.2


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Kate Port and reenable the Snippets plugin.
DONE perldoc KIOSlave Add KIOSlave to allow reading Perldoc documentation.
IN PROGRESS Lokalize XLIFF support
IN PROGRESS Lokalize various Translation Memory enhancements
DONE Lokalize wrap all windows belonging to one project into one MDI window
TO DO Lokalize Kross-based scripting Nick Shaforostoff <shafff-at-ukr.net>
IN PROGRESS Lokalize QA: glossary checklists
TO DO KAppTemplate Add DBUS support in templates Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
DONE Umbrello Port code generation wizard to QWizard and replace all q3 widgets
IN PROGRESS Umbrello Replace all q3 widgets in the refactoring assistant


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KEduca Rewrite of the classic test writing/taking application
TO DO KLettres Number support Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KLettres Theme manager Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS KHangMan Add a Open File action
TO DO KHangMan Integrate an editor Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KHangMan Plasmoid Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KHangMan Theme manager Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO KLettres Visual indicator when letter is wrong Anne-Marie Mahfouf <[email protected]>
TO DO Kalzium Port Kalzium's periodic table to use new QGraphicsView. Marcus D. Hanwell <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Kalzium Plasmoid to access Kalzium database
TO DO Step Improve GUI for creating softbody Vladimir Kuznetsov <[email protected]>
TO DO Step Use common constraints handling code for collisions Vladimir Kuznetsov <[email protected]>
DONE KAlgebra New parser (using QLALR) and new lexer
DONE KAlgebra Import capability for MathML Presentation Markup in libanalitza
TO DO KAlgebra Export to MathML Presentation Markup Aleix Pol <[email protected]>
TO DO KAlgebra Some integration with the new KFormula widget Aleix Pol <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Parley Declensions
IN PROGRESS Parley Rework main window infrastructure
DONE KStars Display millions of stars
DONE KStars Tool to predict Conjunctions
IN PROGRESS KStars Earth Satellites
IN PROGRESS KStars Sky Calendar Tool
DONE KStars Include HD Catalog Numbers (in search, in display)
TO DO KStars Marble widget for Geolocation tool Médéric Boquien <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Better printed star charts Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Separate INDI From KStars Jasem Mutlaq <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Sync KStars time from device Jasem Mutlaq <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Better rendering of comets/asteroids Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Texture mapping of the skymap??? Jason Harris <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Improve Observing List Wizard Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Display Comet Magnitudes whenever possible Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Information links in-place for each technical term Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Tool to suggest star-hopping techniques??? Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO KStars Extend conjunction tool to have one object unspecified, but have a genre of objects specified instead Akarsh Simha <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Export map to MxN pixel bitmap Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Support for MarbleWidget::setEnabled( bool ) Inge Wallin <[email protected]>
TO DO Marble Map Contents translation Torsten Rahn <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Marble Layer Management Class
IN PROGRESS Marble Plugin architecture for map layers
IN PROGRESS Marble DGML2 Support
IN PROGRESS Marble KDE-Version settings dialog
IN PROGRESS Marble Port authors list from the Qt-About dialog to the KDE-About dialog
IN PROGRESS Marble Qt-Version settings dialog
IN PROGRESS Marble Basic KML support
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoData Model/View Visualization
IN PROGRESS Marble OpenStreetMap support using original OSM tiles
IN PROGRESS Marble Real Time Cloud-Cover
IN PROGRESS Marble Mercator Projection
IN PROGRESS Marble More generic projection support
IN PROGRESS Marble Usage of Marble in


TO DO Kig Properties dialog for objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve construction of bisect lines. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve feedback when constructing objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig More geometric objects. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Script objects as macros (to be reused more than once). Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Kig Improve the Cabri import filter. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
DONE KTurtle Export canvas as image
TO DO KTurtle Optional rulers/grid for canvas units Mauricio Piacentini <[email protected]>
DONE KTurtle Add command line
DONE KTurtle Add a color picker
IN PROGRESS KBruch Usability Improvements
IN PROGRESS KBruch Merging KPercentage functionalities into KBruch
TO DO Kalzium Visualization of Schemes and Gradients at same time Tiago Porangaba <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player Make Dragon indipendent from Xine
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player File Manager
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player play media dialog
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player slider changes
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player show info while playing audio files
TO DO JuK Remove Qt/KDE3 support lib requirements Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Allow setting covers directly from URLs supported by KIO - drag/drop already allows this however Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Use XCOMPOSITE real transparency when available for the track announcement popup Michael Pyne <[email protected]>
TO DO JuK Allow disabling crossfade Michael Pyne <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO KMagnifier Refactor color menu, re-add invert, break current color blindness code into "daltonize" and "simulate" Matthew Woehlke <[email protected]>
TO DO KMagnifier Add color-shift modes to help people with color blindness Matthew Woehlke <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KSnapshot Add support for grabbing a single screen in multihead
DONE KSnapshot Increase jpeg image quality from 75% to 85%
DONE KSnapshot If we're saving the window decorations then record the window title and class in the image (if the format supports it) to play nice with indexers like strigi
TO DO Okular Sound annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Link annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Improve annotation support: for existing types (rubber stamps, line, note, etc), and for the way they are constructed and handled. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
TO DO Okular Caret annotations. Pino Toscano <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Okular Support for videos & movie annotations.
TO DO Okular Support .snp and .emf file formats Brad Hards <[email protected]>
DONE Gwenview Support for animated images (.gif and .mng)
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Red Eye Reduction
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Nepomuk integration
TO DO Gwenview Dolphin-like single-click selection Aurélien Gâteau <[email protected]>
TO DO Gwenview Optional tree view Aurélien Gâteau <[email protected]>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kio_bookmarks A new konqueror home page displaying user bookmarks. See [description]
IN PROGRESS kuiserver KUiServer Goya port. General improvements for usability improvements
IN PROGRESS kio fish/sftp port fish and sftp to windows


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO konqueror A new konqueror recover-dialog replacement Eduardo Robles Elvira <[email protected]>
TO DO konqueror Rework bookmarks using Akonadi Eduardo Robles Elvira <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS dolphin Add zoom slider into the status bar and general zooming improvments
DONE dolphin Tooltip previews

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