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Schedules/KDE4/4.14 Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.14 release.

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  • to do => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Umbrello Link Umbrello Development List <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Umbrello Import diagrams from Rose
IN PROGRESS Umbrello Link
DONE Umbrello Link


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Cantor New backend: Lua
DONE Cantor Use utf8 on LaTeX entries
DONE Cantor Add CTRL+Space as alternative default code completion to

Cantor worksheet

DONE Cantor Support to plot extension in Python 2 backend
DONE Cantor Support to linear algebra extension in Python 2 backend
DONE Cantor Support to packaging extension in Sage, Octave, backends.
DONE Cantor Support to autorun scripts in Python 2, Scilab, Octave, Sage, Maxima, Qalculate and KAlgebra backends.

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