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All dates given here are subject to revision, but we will try our best to stick to them if possible.
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Note that "Tagging" that the codebase is closed for this release on the date mentioned. The tarballs
and packages are then being prepared and released approximately one week later.
The KDE Release Team is acting as the coordinator for the 4.0 release.
Note the release is done in two portions: the '''KDE Development Platform 4.0''' and the '''KDE Desktop 4.0'''. See the [[#KDE_Components|KDE Components Definition]] for details what SVN modules the two portions include. Note the earlier freeze date for the platform and make sure you don't miss the deadline to get your fixes in.
Milestones help guide us toward a final release, and the '''dates are subject to change'''.  For more details see our [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap|roadmap]].
All deadlines are due 23:59 in your local timezone.
If in doubt about any milestones please ask the [mailto:[email protected] release team] or your module maintainer.
= KDE 4.0 Release Schedule =
== Definitions ==
=== KDE Components ===
* '''Platform''' (libraries and runtime dependencies): kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase-runtime, kdebindings
* '''Workspace''' (desktop infrastructure, window manager, plasma): kdebase-workspace, extragear-plasma
* '''Applications''' (core applications): kdeaccessibility, kdeadmin, kdeartwork, kdebase-apps, kdeedu, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdesdk, kdetoys, kdeutils
* '''Desktop''': Workspace and Applications
=== Freeze States ===
* '''Soft Freeze''': no new features, bufixes only, incomplete features are disabled
* '''Hard freeze''': as soft freeze plus: only patches which have been reviewed on the relevant mailing lists, no new or changed messages
* '''Tagging Freeze''': only allowed changes: compile fixes, reviewed fixes of blocker bugs, changes needed to build the release tarballs
== Upcoming milestones ==
These are the upcoming milestones. When they have been passed move them to the top of the [[#Past_Milestones|Past Milestones]] section.
=== 14 November 2007: Tagging RC 1 ===
* Hard freeze Desktop
* Message Freeze
* Workspace interface freeze (source and binary compatibility until KDE 4.1)
* Tagging freeze until tarballs are ready
* Tag Platform 4.0.0
* Tag Desktop 3.96 (RC 1)
=== 20 November 2007: Release KDE Development Platform 4.0.0 and KDE Desktop 4.0 RC 1 ===
* Announce release
* Make tarballs available on download servers
=== 5 December 2007: Tagging 4.0.1 or RC 2 ===
* Tag Platform 4.0.1
* Decide if another RC is needed. If it is, add another RC to the cycle (tag RC 2, release it on 11 December). If it isn't, prepare for releasing 4.0.1 as final by proceeding with the following:
** Tag Desktop 4.0.1
** Create 4.0 branch
** Hard freeze on the 4.0 branch
** Tagging freeze on the branch until release tarballs are ready
** Trunk is unfrozen and open for 4.1 development
=== 11 December 2007: Release KDE 4.0 ===
* If there was no RC 2, the first stable release of the KDE 4.0 series consists of Platform 4.0.1 and Desktop 4.0.1
* Announce release
* Make tarballs available on download servers
* Party
=== Tentatively early January 2008: first bugfix release (4.0.2) ===
=== 18 January 2008: KDE 4 Launch Event ===
== Past Milestones ==
These milestone have already been passed. They are listed in reverse chronological order to keep the most recent milestones at the top of the list.
=== 30 October 2007: Release KDE Development Platform 4.0 RC 1 and KDE Desktop 4.0 Beta 4 ===
* Announce release
* Make tarballs available on download servers
=== October 24, 2007: KDE 4 Release Freeze ===
* Platform interface freeze (source and binary compatibility until KDE 5)
* Hard freeze Platform
* Soft freeze Desktop
* Release Freeze until release tarballs are ready (estimated two days)
* Tag Platform 3.95 (RC 1)
* Tag Desktop 3.95 (Beta 4)
=== October 8, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Beta_Cycle|Beta3]] ===
Beta 3 is prepared, initially tested and released on October 18.
=== October 8, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Beta_Cycle|KDE Development Platform frozen solid]] ===
The KDE Development Platform is frozen.  For the modules that are included in the KDE Development Platform, only patches reviewed on the development lists are permitted. If in doubt, contact the release coordinator. The ''KDE Development Platform'' covers kdesupport, kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase/runtime and kdebindings (Ruby and Python bindings only).
=== August 29, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Beta_Cycle|Beta2]] ===
[http://dot.kde.org/1189078926/ Beta 2] is prepared and released after some initial testing.
Trunk is frozen for feature commits. i18n string changes are allowed.
=== July 26, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Beta_Cycle|Beta1]] ===
Beta 1 is prepared and released after some initial testing.
=== July 24, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Core_Library_API_Freeze|Core Library Freeze]] ===
The core library APIs are frozen solid.
=== June 27, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Alpha2_Release|Alpha2 Tagging]] ===
The Alpha2 will be source only -- without translations.
=== June 1, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Module_Freeze|trunk/KDE is module frozen]] ===
Trunk is frozen for new or resurrected applications.
A list of main modules that will be included in the final release will be made.
=== May 3, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Alpha_Release_Tagged|Alpha Tagging]] ===
The Alpha will be source only -- without translations.
=== May 1, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_kdelibs_Soft_API_Freeze|kdelibs Soft Freeze]] ===
The kdelibs API is "soft-frozen", meaning that changes can be made but only with the consent of the core developers.
=== April 2, 2007: [[Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Subsystem_Freeze|Subsystem Freeze]] ===
From this date forward, no new KDE subsystem or major changes can be committed to kdelibs.
The buildsystem requirements (i.e. cmake version) are fixed.
=== February 2007: Technical Preview 3 ===
The [http://dot.kde.org/1172249109/ third technical preview], a developer release.
The kdelibs API will remain as stable as possible after that, so that application developers (in particular those not having their code in the KDE SVN) can start porting towards a stable kdelibs API.
Of course the applications in the KDE SVN will have been ported all along, and it will possible to alpha-test them at this stage.
=== November 2006: Technical Preview 2 ===
The [http://dot.kde.org/1162475911/ second technical preview], a developer release.
=== August 2006: Technical Preview 1 ===
The [http://dot.kde.org/1155935483/ first technical preview], a developer release.

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