Schedules/KDE4/4.0 Announcements/KDE4/4.0 Beta2

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List of things to look through when writing the Beta 2 announcement.

  • Kolourpaint: [1]
  • Okular sidebar work: [2]
  • work on search & replace in kate: [3]
  • XESAM support in Strigi: [4], [5] (more links?)
  • Amarok, plasma: [6]
  • webkit & nokia 800: [7] What does this have to do with KDE?
  • KBlog improvements in Kontact: [8]
  • Several new features in the KRDC Summer of Code project, including bookmark support, sound output, and toolbar options. [9]
  • Custom text shaping in KWord, and significant progress in the colour mixing capabilities of Krita in KOffice: [10], [11] [12]
  • Marble gets a new release and features from SoC integrated, BLITZ, KPilot: [13]
  • Avogadro stuff, also see older blogs: [14]
  • KGPG got a lot of luv: [15], search for more.
  • KconfigFileBackend work: [16] (contact Mickael Marchand for more info)
  • Looks like KIconcache is ready (maybe do something with all SoC projects) [17]

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