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Rust in KDE

KDE projects that use Rust

Ikona — an icon preview utility for KDE Plasma


ActivityDesk — a Qt/KDE-centric ActivityPub (Mastodon) client


KDE tools for Rust

Rust Qt Binding Generator logo

Rust Qt Binding Generator

To use Rust code from Qt and QML code


Kate LSP Plugin

Rust Language Server can be used in Kate via the LSP plugin.


KDevelop Rust Language Support Plugin

To work on Rust code & projects in KDevelop.


KDevelop Cargo Support Plugin

To manage, build and run Rust packages (crates) with Cargo.


Ideas to use Rust

Dbus daemons that could be implemented in Rust and are self-contained :

  • solid
  • baloo
  • kioslave
  • Core of of Gui application in Qt


Ferris the crab — Rust mascot

Rust Bookshelf

Contains multiple knowledge bases, of which the most useful for beginners are probably The Book and Rust By Example.


Tutorials and guides

Useful components for KDE development

C/C++ <-> Rust bridging

  • ritual - crate generator to use C++/Qt libraries from Rust
  • bindgen - Rust binding generator for C libraries
  • cbindgen — C binding generator for Rust crates

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