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* [https://github.com/rust-qt/cpp_to_rust cpp_to_rust - usinc C++/Qt from Rust]
* [https://github.com/rust-qt/cpp_to_rust cpp_to_rust - usinc C++/Qt from Rust]
* [https://github.com/Noughmad/kdevcargo KDevelop plugin for building and running Rust crates with Cargo]
=== Documentation ===
=== Documentation ===

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KDE Projects involving Rust

Rust Qt Binding Generator

To use Rust code from Qt and QML code

Repo: https://cgit.kde.org/rust-qt-binding-generator.git/about/

KDevelop Rust Language Support Plugin

To develop Rust code & projects in KDevelop.

Repo: https://cgit.kde.org/kdev-rust.git/about/

Kate Rust Code Completion Plugin

To edit Rust code in Kate.

Repo: https://cgit.kde.org/kate.git/tree/addons/rustcompletion





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