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Releases/20.12 Release Notes


Draft notes:

* New address bar in toolbar design, this is optional
* folder size option in detail view


Draft notes:

* Add a new profile option: vertical line at a specific column (off by default)
* Add a new profile option: allow URL escape sequences (off by default)
* Add a new profile option: shortcut for peeking at the primary screen


Draft notes:

* Allow channel history to be deleted
* Parse numeric commands in client commands
* Show the available server capabilities on connect
* Add support for capability negotiation v3.2
* Use SASL authentication mechanisms in CAP LS
* Add date marker for first line on new date if date not in timestamp
* Follow standard for string handling when sending PASS command
* Add znc.in/self-message capability
* Disable WHO requests for twitch.tv servers
* Add support for downloading nick icon themes from store.kde.org


Draft notes:

* Recent screenshots will appear in recent files
* Fix Hidpi screenshot on Wayland (rectangular screenshots in Hidpi requires Plasma/KWin 5.21)

KDE Connect

Draft notes:

* SMS App: Download conversations part-by-part to load more efficiently and quickly
* SMS App: Add a thumbnail preview to the list of conversations when the most-recent message contains an attachment
* SMS App: Improve placeholder message when the most-recent message in a conversation has an attachment but no plain-text body

New tarballs

Previously released on their own release cycle (or as part of another group):

  • itinerary
  • kontrast
  • konversation
  • kosmindoormap
  • kpmcore
  • kpublictransport
  • ktorrent
  • libktorrent
  • markdownpart
  • partitionmanager

Tarballs that we do not ship anymore

  • kdepim-apps-libs (content moved to other repositories)
  • libkgeomap (no users left)

Known issues

  • kdeedu-data and ktuberling may show Perl as requirements due to few l10n-related macro for sr data files.

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