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Agenda for rekonq meeting, please add what you would like to discuss here

Context Menu Entries

IMHO rekonq has too many context menu entries. Some even seem to be duplicates (e.g. “Print…” and “Current Frame → Print Frame”). In general we should try to cut down the number of context menu entries and also try to re-order them in a sane way — pano

Update the list of authors

rekonq has seen contributions by some new faces. We should mention those in the AUTHORS file and the main.cpp file — pano

Regression introduced by some previous commit

rekonq currently is suffering from some regressions that IIRC were introduced by some big refactoring commit a while back. — pano

— Embedded PDF viewer does not close (KPart: okular?) — Bug #260704

— Browsing window freezes sometimes after clicking "Back" (KPart: kwebkitpart?) — Bug #? — URL bar does not update correctly – https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=260844

Open selected URL in Tab feature

at the moment we have two implementations for the exact same feature.

• The implementation I once copied from Konqueror/KHTML code

• Furkan’s implementation as part of Google Code-In

both have positive but also negative aspects. We need to decide which one to keep, because having both is not an option (see the Context Menu Entries problem: When selecting an regular URL with the cursor and then right-click on it, the context menu will have 2×2 entries which are doing the exact same thing…) — pano

rekonq code on gitorious

At the moment the rekonq website on gitorious is still up. This can and also already has lead to confusions, since there are two places where the rekonq code is stored.

So now we have the following options:

• we occasionally sync the code on gitorious with the code from our main git repo. that way the personal clones on gitorious can still be used

• we completely remove rekonq from gitorious — pano


Discuss migrating to QGraphicsWebView and the problem it faces

• Please see http://gitweb.kde.org/scratch/garg/DemoWebViewBrowser.git for a demo implementation of QGraphicsWebView — shadeslayer

Involvement in the QtWebKit community

Rekonq is now more or less totally outside the QtWebKit community. Two of the developers making patches for WebKit are Nokia employees, which can create tensions.

It would be nice to have more involvement of Rekonq developers on the webkit-qt mailing list. It would be even nicer to have some people occasionally posting patches for WebKit or even trying to become commiter/reviewer.

A systemized testing process

It would be nice if every minor version release had to go through some testing process and fulfill certain requirements before actually being released. As an example every Linux Mint ISO must pass a set of tests. Failure to pass any test means the ISO does not get released. What these tests could be for rekonq is open for debate. — shan3

Home Screen a.k.a New tab page refactoring

It seems there's a need for a bit more wow effect on the homescreen, and potentially we'd like this to be more flexible than it is at the moment.

• What are the goals ?

- add animations and graphics effects
- make it easy to change themes (how much should the theme effect the contents?)
- easy to hack in general without touching any C++ (important for designers)

• What technologies do we want to use? — elProxy

• What about using plasma for this? plasmoids could add a big plus to rekonq — Jonan

KWin and Rekonq

I (mgraesslin) would like to experiment on the aspect of better integrating Web Applications into the Window Management. E.g. Alt+Tab to Facebook or GMail, showing Browser Tabs in Present Windows, havin Tabs in Titlebar, etc. etc.

All browser are lacking such features, and we could do it as we control both window manager and browser. Let's try it :-)

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