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* Alexander Yavorsky
* Alexander Yavorsky
* Sergey Turchin
* Sergey Turchin
* Yuri Chornoivan
* Sergey Popov
* Sergey Popov
* Vitaly Rabicev
* Vitaly Rabicev

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KDE Russia (or kde_ru) is a community for Russian-speaking KDE users, developers, translators, and promoters.


  • Alexander Potashev — translation maintainer
  • Ilya Bizyaev — news manager and chat administrator
  • Alexander Yavorsky
  • Sergey Turchin
  • Sergey Popov
  • Vitaly Rabicev
  • Vitaly Korotkov

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  1. kde-russian mailing list: https://lists.kde.ru/mailman/listinfo/kde-russian
  2. #kde_ru Freenode channel: irc://chat.freenode.net/kde_ru
  3. @kde_ru Telegram chat: t.me/kde_ru

Web presense


While there have been no events so far, we are actively working on software translation and promotion. Our VK page is a popular news source between local free software enthusiasts.

Legal Status

Russian community has no legal representation.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.