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# Manuel Nickschas - sputnick (at) quassel-irc.org
# Manuel Nickschas - sputnick (at) quassel-irc.org
# Arjen Hiemstra - djfreestyler (at) gmail.com
# Arjen Hiemstra - djfreestyler (at) gmail.com
# Helio Chissini de Castro - helio (at) kde.org

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The Qt Contributors Day is an event hosted by Nokia at the Qt Developer Days. There are two of these events - one in Munich and one in San Francisco. This page pertains to the Munich event.

The event follows the Unconference format, which means that the attendees are presented with a number of empty time slots, and that they bring their own event topics to fill the time slots.

Registered Attendees

We have space for an absolute maximum of 50 attendees for this event. If you wish to take part, please do /not/ simply add yourself to this list: Email [email protected] and say you wish to attend (sorry for the bureocracy, we need to control the event a bit due to the relatively small number of available spaces).

  1. Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen - admin (at) leinir.dk
  2. Cornelius Shuhmacher - schumacher (at) kde.org
  3. Mirko Boehm - mirko (at) kde.org
  4. Claudia Rauch - claudiar (at) kde.org
  5. Stefan Derkits - stefan (at) derkits.at
  6. Stuart Dickson - stuart (at) furkinfantastic.net
  7. Laszlo Papp - lpapp (at) kde.org
  8. Andreas Hartmetz - ahartmetz (at) gmail.com
  9. Richard Moore - rich (at) kde.org
  10. Frank Karlitschek - karlitschek (at) kde.org
  11. Sune Vuorela - sune (at) vuorela.dk
  12. Thiago Macieira - thiago (at) kde.org
  13. Kevin Funk - krf (at) gmx.de
  14. Till Adam - adam (at) kde.org
  15. Oliver Goffart - ogoffart (at) kde.org
  16. Markus Goetz - markus (at) woboq.com
  17. Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer - olaf (at) amen-online.de
  18. Martin Konold - konold (at) kde.org
  19. Hanna Skott - hanna.skott (at) kogmbh.com
  20. Christian Muehlhaeuser - muesli (at) gmail.com
  21. Boudewijn Rempt - boud (at) valdyas.org
  22. Inge Wallin - inge (at) lysator.liu.se
  23. Mark Kretschmann - kretschmann (at) kde.org
  24. Anne-Marie Mahfouf - annma (at) kde.org
  25. Helio Chissini de Castro - helio (at) kde.org
  26. Manuel Nickschas - sputnick (at) quassel-irc.org
  27. Arjen Hiemstra - djfreestyler (at) gmail.com


  1. Volker Krause - vkrause (at) kde.org


Do I have to be member of the KDE e.V.?

Short version: No! :O

Lon version: It has come to my attention that some people believe they must be a member of the KDE e.V. to take part in this event: This is by no means the case! If you think you have something to add to this, you should not be stopped by some simple detail as not being part of the e.V.! If you think you've something to add - email me at [email protected] so we can get you invited.

Why is there no schedule?

aka What is an unconference?

The basic idea of an unconference is that the participants of such an event make their own schedule. Upon arrival you will be presented with a set of empty time slots on a calendar, and some post-it notes. You write your session ideas on those post-it notes, grab a bunch of people, and put that post-it note on an empty time slot.

Tip: You should consider beforehand what sort of sessions you wish to host or take part in, and try and grab a few people ahead of time - especially if you are going for the early time slots.

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