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This site shows the things to be done for QmlWeb in near future. Feel free to start working on any item, that hasn't been grabbed already. Please do not forget to edit the item in the list to 'In PROGRESS' and add your email to the 'grabbed by' column. This site will probably be replaced by using bugs.kde.org soon.


  • Status
    • TODO: Work has not yet started
    • In Progress: Someone is currently working on it
    • Done: Work has finished and should be usable in QmlWeb already
  • Difficulty
    • 1: Perfect to get started with QmlWeb development
    • 2: Needs some effort but doesn't require deep knowledge of QmlWeb
    • 3: Needs quite some effort and induction
    • 4: Eventually needs to change some procedures in QmlWeb
    • 5: Mostly requires a rewrite of huge parts of QmlWeb


Status Difficulty TODO Grabbed by
DONE 2 Add support for Positioners (Row, Column, Grid, Flow) <[email protected]>
DONE 3 Add support for States <[email protected]>
DONE 1 Add support for Radius on Rectangles <[email protected]>
TODO 1 Add some kind of scrollable item (Which type is the best for that, Flickale, ScrollView, an own one?) <none>
TODO 1 Add a 'pressed' property to MouseArea <none>
TODO 3 Add support for Behaviours <none>
TODO 3 Add support for syntax like 'NumberAnimation on x' <none>
TODO 4 Add support for import <none>
TODO 5 Rewrite parser <[email protected]>
TODO 5 Do all javascript evaluations in one eval <none>

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