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Qml.js allows execute QML in JavaScript environments. The most current implementation of QML in Qt is the reference and should be imitated completely. Required technologies are a QML-to-JavaScript compiler and a runtime library. The compiler should integrate with the current model of building Qt applications and should produce debuggable output.


Git Commit Policy

Prefix according to component the commit is about:

  • [Runtime] for qmljs-runtime
  • [Compiler] for qmljsc
  • [QtQuick] for the QtQuick implementation

Coding style

  • Try to keep lines shorter than 100 characters. Never use more than 120.
  • For the compiler follow KDELibs coding style

Design questions and decisions

See here for a list of some open quesions about the architectural design of Qml.js and questions on which a decision has been reached.

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