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KDE Business Cards

KDE has a very strong user community going to events all over the world. During work time we also often meet people who are interested in KDE, from potential sponsors to users and from potential employers to companies wanting to roll out KDE desktops.

In these - and other - cases it is is often beneficial to have KDE-"branded" business cards to hand to interested people. A professional-looking business card can make a large difference.

To avoid requiring everyone to design his or her own business cards the KDE e.V. supplies a template and offers to cover the cost of printing for KDE e.V. members who have a need for them. If you are an active KDE contributor and not yet a member of the e.V. you should consider joining today! https://ev.kde.org/getinvolved/


Source files: https://share.kde.org/s/pA68ggWb82CakJe

If you need to print some business cards, find a local printer that can use the source files and get that done. If you need the Board to reimburse this expense, please let us know, before printing, that you will need these cards. You can use reimbursements.kde.org for that under the "Business Cards" event. Once the funds are approved, you can print them locally and the Board will reimburse the purchase upon submitting your receipt copy.


  • When specifying phone numbers, list them in the ITU-T E.123 international notation. Keep the area code separate from the subscriber number in countries that have the distinction. You can find some background information in the Telephone Numbering Plan.

Example: +321 456 7890 1234 for country code 321, area code 456 and subscriber number 78901234.

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