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KDE Business Cards

KDE has a very strong user community going to events all over the world. During work time we also often meet people who are interested in KDE, from potential sponsors to users and from potential employers to companies wanting to roll out KDE desktops.

In these - and other - cases it is is often beneficial to have KDE-"branded" business cards to hand to interested people. A professional-looking business card can make a large difference.

To avoid requiring everyone to design and print his or her own business cards KDE e.V. offers free KDE business cards to KDE e.V. members who have a need for them. Please read the FAQ for the exact rules about who can request business cards.

Requesting Business Cards

If you are eligible for KDE business cards, please send an e-mail to the KDE Business Cards Team. To ease tracking for us, add your name in the subject. The request consists of the following parts:

  • Motivation
  • Name
  • Personal Data
  • City and Country
  • Delivery Address and Date

All parts are required.


Your motivation for needing business cards, like the events you'll be attending or the fact that you meet lots of business people who are interested in your KDE work


Your name as it should be printed on the cards

Personal Data

A maximum of four lines of data. The following fields are available:

  • Role (*)
  • E-mail Address (*)
  • Phone or Fax Number(s)
  • Custom Fields

(Fields marked with (*) are required)

Role Your role(s) within KDE Notes:

  • Your role(s) must start with the word "KDE"
  • Only KDE-specific activities are allowed

E-Mail Address Your e-mail address Note:

  • Your e-mail addres must be within a kde.* domain, like kde.org or kde.nl.

Phone or Fax Number(s) (Optional) Your mobile or other phone number(s) if you want them listed


  • When specifying phone numbers, list them in the ITU-T E.123 international notation. Keep the area code separate from the subscriber number in countries that have the distinction. You can find some background information in the Telephone Numbering Plan.

Example: +321 456 7890 1234 for country code 321, area code 456 and subscriber number 78901234.

  • Please specify the type of number (e.g. mobile, fax, work phone, ...), although we may leave the actual caption away on the printed cards.

Custom Fields (Optional) Custom fields that you want listed, if any, like your postal address or web site URLs Notes:

  • Remember the limit of four lines of text in total; most business cards will not have room for more than a single custom line.
  • Web sites and similar custom data must be KDE-specific, or at least be affiliated with KDE.

City and Country Your city and country (will be used for the icon at the bottom of the business card)

Delivery Address and Date Your delivery address and whether you need the cards at a specific time. Notes:

  • To save delivery costs for KDE e.V., please try combining requests with other nearby KDE people. If multiple people go to a single event, have one person order the cards and distribute them at the event.
  • If you order your cards really late and we don't have enough other requests pending to fill a sheet of paper you may be missing your deadline. Also, if we need to use express delivery instead of normal postal mail, KDE e.V. incurs extra costs. We do not guarantee timely delivery if you order late. To avoid disappointment, please order in time.

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